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daily bites

Melbourne's menu mainstays

Janne Apelgren Most professional chefs like to change their menus regularly, but Melbourne diners are increasingly demanding that some dishes – from humble lobster rolls, to classic Peking duck and chocolate souffle – are always available.

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Versatile Restaurant

Scallops with spinach and shoestring fries at Versatile.

Bryan Martin Out in the fringe among Gold Creek's tourist attractions, Versatile hits the spot for value and functionality.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Cooking with truffles

Emiko Davies hunts the rare delicacy in Braidwood and makes a simple pasta dish and semifreddo with the spoils.

Cool as: Truffle gelato is a treat worth seeking out.

Photo: Emiko Davies




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How to make bánh mì

Chef Dan Hong's step-by-step method to create the popular Vietnamese street food snack bánh mì. (02:36)