27 Greenfield Parade Bankstown, New South Wales 2200

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Opening hours Daily 7am-9pm
Prices Cheap (mains under $20)
Payments Cash
Phone 02 9796 7826

Local Vietnamese flock to this noodle house, the place many Sydneysiders had their first pho encounter. The restaurant itself is wide and deep, with decent space between tables, so that ‘bull in a China shop’ feeling that smaller joints can raise doesn’t apply here. Regulars know the drill: the menu is pho and nothing more, and pho bo (beef) is the popular choice. Choose beef that’s rare, cooked, with tendons, tripe, or a combination, or chicken, with or without the offal. Rice noodles are long and deliciously slippery, but it’s the unique broth, bones cooked for hours with extra five-spice, that attracts punters from all corners.