Coffee Warehouse Cafe & Deli

Coffee Warehouse Cafe & Deli Article Lead - narrow
Coffee Warehouse Cafe & Deli Article Lead - narrow 

17-35 Parramatta Road Homebush, New South Wales 2140

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Permanently Closed

Stop in innocently enough for a chocolatey Di Stefano caffe latte ($4.40) and you might find yourself leaving with biscotti, sopressa, 5 kegs of Nutella or even a sexy Roger Federer edition Jura coffee machine. Designed as a showroom for the Di Stefano beans, it's a multi-tasking space that's kid-friendly (the pizza is big and cheesy), dinner-friendly (there are aisles of Italian goodies) and family-friendly (the telly's always on). There's a major coffee menu, fed by the awesome custom roaster on display behind glass, but most people seem to be here for the fast, filling food - and the ricotta cheesecake laced with pistachio.