2011 Oakridge Local Vineyard Series Pinot Noir

Chris Shanahan
Variety Pinot noir
WINERY Oakridge
RRP 38

Oakridge winemaker David Bicknell made four pinots for this series in 2011 - from the Syme, Oakridge (reviewed November 28), Guerin and Denton vineyards, at different Yarra Valley locations. The wines share the pale colour and lean structure of the cold vintage. But the subtle differences from one wine to another demonstrate the influence each site exerts upon grape (and hence wine) flavour - probably driven largely by tiny climatic variations. All are highly aromatic, all are delicate and all show a flavour depth and structure belying the light colour. The flavour spectrum ranges from bright, strawberry/raspberry-like to quite exotic, earthy, mushroom and savoury elements.