Aldi does it again

Chris Shanahan
Flensberger Weizen, left, and Pilsener.
Flensberger Weizen, left, and Pilsener. 

Aldi stores in their various formats worldwide made Theo and Karl Albrecht very wealthy men indeed.

While other stores in Germany copy the low-price, limited-range approach, Aldi's retail model remains unique in Australia as far as I can tell - as does the predominance of house brands, which reportedly constitute 95 per cent of sales.

Sprinkled among the house brands, though, are one-off bargain offerings of everything from computers to water pumps.

The beers reviewed today possibly fall into this one-off category - though it's never easy to tell in Aldi whether they're continuing or not. But, however they fit in, these beers from Flensburg, Germany, are outstanding.

The pilsener in particular appeals as a classic example of the German pils style. It ticks every box in the beer judge's style manual. Thanks to a reader, Marc Fenning, for sending the bottles for review.

Flensburger Weizen
330ml, swing-top six-pack, $15

Aldi's import from Flensburg, in far northern Germany, offers little information on the label, but the beer in the bottle says heaps.

It has a light lemon colour with a fine haze, suggesting bottle conditioning. The fruity, spicy aroma leads to a tangy, lemony palate, reminiscent of the southern German wheat styles.


Flensburger Pilsener
330ml, swing-top six-pack, $15

The pale lemon colour, luxurious white head and fresh, herbal-hops aroma invite a big mouthful. And what an impressive beer it is - an excellent German pilsener style: crisp, fresh and lively with deep, smooth, malty flavours cut through with refreshing hops flavours and a fine, lingering, cleansing bitterness.