Miss Peaches has a craft long-neck range to enjoy the humble brew

An Australian tradition, the humble long-neck beer has a soft spot in the hearts of most. With the craft beer bomb - we're seeing an even bigger throwback to the days when long necks and tinnies were the norm, reinvented with an innovative and flavourful edge. But just where can you get yourselves one of these Aussie staples and, even better, where can you drink one in the sun?

1. Miss Peaches, King Street Newtown

One of Newtown's newer establishments - Miss Peaches has a craft long-neck range enough to quench any hard hipster thirst. Local lads Young Henrys make an appearance with their Hop Ale, joined by Batch American Pale Ale, St Peters Green Star Lager, and Mountain Goat Indian Rye Ale. www.misspeaches.com.au

2. China Diner, 75-79 Hall Street, Bondi

Something different for long-neck lovers, China Diner offers the hard-to-get Tsing Tao longneck ($14.50). Made from rice and barley, the Chinese lager is creamy on the tongue with a clean citrus finish. For the tinnie enthusiast, also available is the Orion Rice Lager in a 500ml can ($9.50). www.chinadina.com.au

3. Local Taphouse, 122 Flinders Street, Surry Hills

The long-neck offering at the Local Taphouse is renowned far and wide. For the fancy longneck pursuers (and who isn't these days), catch Italian American Birra del Borgo Rubus ($45) - a floral fruit beer with raspberry aromas and an unusual grey head. www.thelocal.com.au

4. The Gasoline Pony, 155 Marrickville Road, Marrickville

Another sign that Marrickville is increasingly becoming the centre of trends - The Gasoline Pony is the next to crack into the long-neck scene. Touting local favourite Willie the Boatman's Foo Brew Golden Ale ($17), enjoy one in the courtyard or with live music Thursday-Sunday. www.gasolinepony.com

5. Newtown Hotel, 174 King Street, Newtown

Toters of all things Newtown - lime green homestead Newtown Hotel is also throwing weight behind Australia's best. Enjoy a good ol' 750ml of Coopers Green ($13), a big ol' Little Creatures Bright Ale ($14) or Young Henry's Real Ale ($16) over a game of Buck Hunter or on King Street's most iconic balcony. www.newtownhotel.com.au