Sydney's latest restaurant trend: BYO wine

The BYO trend is regaining traction.
The BYO trend is regaining traction.  Photo: supplied

Just when it felt like BYO in Sydney restaurants was creeping on the endangered species list, it is slowly regaining traction. But like almost everything to do with serving alcohol in this town, the new frontier is like explaining our complex lock-out laws and the history of the six o'clock swill to a foreign tourist.

Rose Bay's Regatta restaurant is the latest to join the party, trying to drum up fresh clientele by offering BYO (corkage a reasonable $10 per bottle) on Wednesdays until the end of August.

Otto has a three-course shared menu with BYO for $89, but only for groups over the magic and slightly unusual number of 13 people.

Tetsuya's charges $30 for the first bottle, $45 for subsequent bottles, and at One Penny Red in Summer Hill the chef will create a menu to match your BYO bottle on the last Tuesday of each month.