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Ludlow Bar & Dining Room Interior


Ludlow Bar & Dining Room

This bar-slash-restaurant boasts serious stamina. After throwing open the doors at 7.30am, the ...

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The space - in a wing of a wall-papered, creaking-floored country hotel - has character.


Bistro Officina

There is only one word to describe Bistro Officina, and that's character.

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A new stage is set, complete with grand piano and chrome mic stand.


Restaurant Hubert

Romantic, ravishing and dishing up food that dazzles, Restaurant Hubert is a new restaurant with a seldom-seen wow factor.

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Bar Rochford Restaurant Interior


Bar Rochford

Bar Rochford is a slightly confusing mix of bar and restaurant.

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Liguria love: Maybe Frank is the kind of local bar that helps make good communities.


Maybe Frank

On yer bike: it's time to pedal over to Maybe Frank for pizza and after-work refreshments.

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10 William Restaurant Interior


10 William St

Former Garagistes star Luke Burgess has landed in Paddo, but not for long; go and see him while the going is good.

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Claret House Wine Bar Outdoor Eating Area


Claret House

Wine-focused venue on a beautiful street strip of bars and light dining houses

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