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Closer to a US college sports tavern: Surly's in Surry Hills.



Holy house-made hot dogs, Sydney loves an American-themed bar.

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Mighty: the Reuben sandwich is big enough to share.


Longhorn Saloon

Longhorn Saloon is the big-budget sequel to Le Bon Ton, but does it have the same star quality?

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Pocket Bar Restaurant Interior


Pocket Bar

Finding a seat might seem like mission impossible, but staff will always try to shoehorn you in. ...

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The Stables Bar Restaurant Outdoor Seating Area


The Stables Bar

This sprawling pub might be world famous for recently hosting Prince Harry, but even without any royals in sight it's keeping the hordes happy with its repertoire of tweaked pub classics.

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Kooky and kitsch: Inside Kwan Brothers.


Kwan Brothers

Casual, late night, kooky and kitsch, the cool kid on the Alfred block is a clever mix

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