First of many

Congrats to all at the 2012 Queensland Good Food Guide awards at Lightspace.
Congrats to all at the 2012 Queensland Good Food Guide awards at Lightspace. Photo: Harrison Saragossi

SIX MONTHS and hundreds of meals in the making, the first Queensland Good Food Guide 2012 was launched on April, 31.

The Good Food Guide is the definitive authority on Australian restaurants and has been published by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age for New South Wales and Victoria respectively since the early 1980s.

While an online version of the Queensland Good Food Guide has been previously released, this year marks the first time that a full guide will be published by in book form.

Queensland Good Food Guide editor Natascha Mirosch said the guide is available in bookstores and newsagents for $24.99 and as an app or online version for $8.99, contains more than 450 reviews of restaurants, plus bars and cafes, throughout Queensland and in northern New South Wales.

The Good Food Guides are known worldwide for their chef's hat scoring system.

Restaurants included in the guide are given a score from out of 20, and must achieve a score of at least 12/20 to be included in the guide. Restaurants that achieve a score of 15/20 are considered very good and awarded one hat; scores of 16/20 or 17/20 are awarded two hats; and restaurants that are bestowed a rating of 18/20 or higher are given the premier score of three hats.

"The New South Wales and Victorian Good Food Guides have become institutions within their own right, renowned for being independent - Queensland will be no different,'' Ms Mirosch said.

''Receiving a hat or even just being good enough to be included in the guide is a pretty big deal.''

At the guide's exclusive launch, a total of 53 hats were awarded. In addition, individual awards were given in 14 categories including: the Citibank Chef of the Year; Champagne Louis Roederer Sommelier of the Year; McLaren Vale Beer Best Bar with Food; and Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year.

As well as restaurant, bar and cafe reviews, the Queensland Good Food Guide contains a 'five of the best' series, spotlighting everything from beer lists to best BYO restaurants.