Peanut Butter Bar heading to Leichhardt

Nutty concept: Peanut Butter Bar promises healthier treats.
Nutty concept: Peanut Butter Bar promises healthier treats. Photo: Supplied

What's the lowdown?

Norton Street in Leichhardt is far from lacking dessert options with gelato, pastries and stacked cannoli regularly teasing passers-by from shop windows. From October, it will also be home to Australia's first bar dedicated to peanut butter.

And not just the processed supermarket type. The Peanut Butter Bar will be offering peanut butter desserts free from refined sugars and preservatives as well as gluten free and vegan options.

Why should I care?

The creators of this nutty concept hope to provide consumers with "clean cheat" treats and snacks.

"Part of our mission is to revolutionise the way the [health] conscious consume peanut butter. We're all about indulgent wellness and it's how we are going to educate people regarding the good benefits of peanut butter," says co-owner Christine Elbakht.

Peanut Butter Bar, opening in Leichhardt in Sydney in October 2017

Peanut butter bars are on the menu. Photo: Supplied

What's on the menu?

The treat range will include peanut butter bars, slices, gelato and protein shakes for your post-workout fix (what better reason to go to the gym to enjoy the merit of peanut butter afterwards, right?)


But if you need more convincing on the health benefits, the bar is experimenting with sweet potato and chia pudding, and gelato options boast extra protein and 35 per cent less sugar.

"We are sort of the reverse of what most cafes and dessert bars offer," Elbakht says.

"Most places offer a naughty range and then there are a couple of [cleaner] options. Ninety per cent of our offering will be gluten free, with no refined sugar, 'powered' by almond and peanut butter, then we will have a 5-10 per cent range which will be overindulgent." 

Peanut Butter Bar is offering all things peanut buttery, even gelato!

Even the gelato gets in on the peanut butter action. Photo: Supplied

Anything else I need to know?

Get prepared to walk into a venue that is a cross between a Gold's gym and an old boxing studio. Elbakht draws inspiration for the bar interior from Rocky films.

"Even if it's just psychologically being in the space, we want to remind people that what they are eating is actually a better option." 

161 Norton Street, Leichhardt, (from October)