Closed for business.

Is this Sydney's shortest-lived food venue? (And no, it's not a pop-up)

Hold the presses, we have a contender for Sydney's shortest-lived food venue. The Lawns recently launched on the lower north shore, with ladles of swagger and plenty of promise, the latest arrival in Sydney's bowlo food movement. "It was open for nine trading days," says Chris Keighery, GM of Longueville Sporting Club, where The Lawns traded. "The food was great. They wanted to do something fancy, which isn't easy when you have 150 people walk through the door by 6.30pm. They've decided to cease operation and the Club has taken it over," he adds. 

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If you could swallow a beautiful sunrise on a warm summer morning, this is what it would taste like.


Jump in the time machine and taste food as it should be

There's a time machine hidden at the rear of my mother-in-law's house. True story. We've kept it secret for a long time because we all love using it and don't want anyone else muscling in on our good fortune. But now it's time to let the rest of the world know how easy it is to journey back to another era.

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