A Mighty Mighty mystery

Natascha Mirosch
Simon O'Brien remains tight-lipped about the identity of Mighty Mighty's co-owner.
Simon O'Brien remains tight-lipped about the identity of Mighty Mighty's co-owner. Photo: Supplied

Construction has begun on the first venue set to open in the new McLachlan & Ann complex in Fortitude Valley with Mighty Mighty, an American barbecue restaurant on track to launch at the end of November. Mystery surrounds the identity of the business partner of co-owner Simon O'Brien, with our questioning eliciting only the response that that information was "not [to be] disclosed as this stage."

We were told, however, that the co-owner "has been in the position of developing some of Brisbane's most successful food and dining over the last decade," leading us to some pretty wild speculations about a whole host of leading Brisbane chefs and restaurateurs.

Traditionally, the American barbecue involves meat being rubbed with spices and bastes and cooked long and slow, with sauces served depending on the state of origin. Barbecue ("barbacoa") originally came to America via Caribbean slaves, hence, the most renowned barbecue cooks hail from the rural south.

What a "unique rural culinary experience" in the middle of James Street actually constitutes remains unknown for now, but we're excited about terms like "southern smokehouse cuisine".

"We're bringing the rustic appeal of country-smoked meat to the city in a venue that's relaxed and welcoming. We want our customers to feel they can sit back with their friends and enjoy a good meal alongside a pitcher of one of our craft beers," O'Brien says.

The beer accompanying the menu will be handpicked from American and Australian craft beers, from American brown ale to lagers and pilsners. There will also be smoked cocktails and whisky.

Mighty Mighty will be open seven days a week from late November and is currently taking bookings for lunch and dinner from Wednesday, December 4, see mightymighty.net.au.