Adriano Zumbo brings 'chouxmaca' to town

We’ve all heard about the ‘cronut’, that croissant, doughnut mash-up that spawned imitations worldwide, including Adriano Zumbo’s own ‘zonut’. But how about the 'chouxmaca'?

This latest 'frankenfood' combo launches today at Zumbo’s pop-up shop in Prahran's Cullen Hotel. Zumbo has taken the sweet treat he is most famous for, the macaron, and merged it with a choux bun, injecting it with curd, fruit gel and in some cases, chantilly cream. Running for eight days only, the pop-up store will be selling chouxmacas in pina colada, Milo and raspberry, and banoffee pie flavours.

Zumbo's Claremont Street store opens in late September.

Gramercy Bistro, 164 Commercial Road, Prahran, 9098 1155, August 28 to September 6 (closed Saturday and Sunday), 3pm to 5pm.

-Veda Gilbert