Beloved Aussie snack Tasty Toobs gone down the tube

Tasty Toobs are no more.
Tasty Toobs are no more. Photo: Simone DePeak SDP

When it comes to junk food, it looks like another iconic Aussie snack has gone down the tube.

Smith's Snackfood Company has quietly called an end to its Tasty Toobs product due to a lack of "consumer demand".

But it would seem the business might have underestimated the product's popularity with fans taking to social media to express their dismay. 

The news slipped out [of the tube] when Sydney's Russell Hayter wrote to Smith's Snackfood Company asking pretty much, who's moved my Tasty Toobs?

Karen Mackay from Smith's Snackfood Company's consumer information centre replied saying the "tasty saucy bite sized snack"  had been discontinued. 

"It is with a heavy heart that we advise Toobs is no longer available," Ms Mackay said.

"Consumer demand for this tangy, tomatoey treat has declined and it is no longer possible to justify on-going production."

In parting, Ms Mackay thanked Toobs' "loyal fans" for their support.


Mr Mackay posted the response on his Facebook page, but the fans it seems are not swallowing it.

The 60 or more comments on the Sydneysider's page alone mourned the loss of their favourite treat. 

Maggie Wark said ,"I've been crying about no toobs for weeks!! I can't believe they're not making them so devastating."

Aaron Foley said "RIP Toobs. The top of my mouth won't miss you but my taste buds will."

The news is also shattering foodies on Twitter, as reports filters in that Australians will have to farewell another longtime favourite.  

It is not the first time Toobs have disappeared from shelves. Smiths actually relaunched the product in 2007 after it was discontinued in 2001.

Earlier this year, Allen's took Green Frogs and Spearmint Leaves off the shelves.

There's even a start of a mini-war with outraged fans launching a  #BringBackToobs campaign on Twitter. 

And why not, when Tasty Toobs even has its own Wikipedia entry - though the news of the popular food's demise has not reached it yet. 

Toobs was first created in 1954 by Albert Cranum and peaked in the 1970s.

It is made of wheat, tomato, and potato. 

Will all this anger make Smith's Snackfood Company discard it's tunnel vision and #BringBackToobs?

Only time will tell.

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