Bondi's best are Bali bound

Scott Bolles
The concept for the Bali PaperPlanes restaurant.
The concept for the Bali PaperPlanes restaurant. 

Bondi's influence on the Bali eating and drinking scene is set to grow in the new year, with two new ventures poised to open on the Indonesian holiday island.

Paperplanes Beach Club will open mid-2013, an offshoot of Bondi's PaperPlanes restaurant, which is owned by the Barge brothers.

Sydney visitors to Bali will be able to check out a new arrival from next month. The Bucket List, the bar-restaurant at the Bondi Pavilion, is also Bali bound, partnering with the team from Avoca's Rojo Rocket to open Motel Mexicola early in January.

''It is just a couple of minutes walk from La Lucciola in Seminyak, it'll have a taqueria during the day, then really step up the food after 4pm,'' says Bucket List owner Andy Ruwald.

''We had hoped to open on December 21, the last day of the Mayan calendar, but it's looking more like January,'' Ruwald says.

''I've always wanted to do something in Bali, so it ticks another thing off my bucket list.''