Booze with your macarons

Dream Cuisine is on a mission to make macarons more male-friendly.
Dream Cuisine is on a mission to make macarons more male-friendly. Photo: Jennifer Soo

It won't surprise you to hear those pretty colourful macarons appeal more to women than men. But Dream Cuisine is on a mission to convert the men among you, creating whisky, bourbon and beer macarons for Father’s Day. We tasted the whisky macaron last year, and it gave a strong, excellent hit of whisky. Owen Kenyon says he uses Bruichladdich single-malt, with milk chocolate and walnut. And they’ve teamed up with brewer Dan Rayner, from Bittersweet cafe in Kingston, to create a beer macaron, strong malt in the shell, alcohol and hops in the white-chocolate ganache. The bourbon macaron has a punch of oak and sweet-maple flavour, Kenyon says, with dark chocolate.

‘‘We figured men are being left out in the macaron world,’’ he says. ‘‘Not everyone likes whisky, not everyone likes bourbon and not everyone likes beer but between the three we figure we’ve got all dads covered.’’ Sold in a mixed six-pack for $20 from Thursday at the Fyshwick shop and this weekend at the Exhibition Park and bus depot markets.