Canberra's best multicultural bread

Roti canai at PappaRich in the Canberra Centre.
Roti canai at PappaRich in the Canberra Centre. Photo: Rohan Thomson


This spongy, sourdough-risen African flatbread is used as a plate for stews – tear off a piece (with your right hand) and use it as a scoop. You can get injera with curries and stews at Global Cafe in Civic and at Ethiopia Down Under in the Pearce shops and Westfield Woden food court.

Global Cafe, 63 Northbourne Avenue, Civic, 6247 4104.

Ethiopia Down Under, 70 Hodgson Crescent, Pearce, 6286 1659.


Like naan, roti canai (or paratha) is an Indian flatbread. It’s characterised by layers of dough, which often have ghee and oil added to create a soft, flaky texture. In Canberra, it’s best sampled at Malaysian restaurants such as the PappaRich chain or Roti House in Civic. You can get it plain (from $6.90) and stuffed with chicken ($12.50), or for a sweet treat try the roti drizzled with condensed milk or a pandan spread ($7.90), or in a spectacular cone shape with sugar ($10).

PappaRich, Canberra Centre, Civic, 6230 4929.

Roti House, 121 Marcus Clarke Street, Civic, 6257 9688.

Breadtop buns

Breadtop started with a single Victorian outlet back in 2002, expanding to more than 60 stores across Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra. This innovative chain is putting the fun back in buns. Devotees seek out unusual flavours such as a fluffy white roll topped with tinned tuna, mayonnaise and a boiled egg, and its sweet brioche bun is one popular burger chain’s secret weapon.

Breadtop, Westfield Woden and Canberra Centre,