David Thompson returns to Australia

Scott Bolles
Shopping for Sydney sites: Thai impresario David Thompson.
Shopping for Sydney sites: Thai impresario David Thompson. 

David Thompson's return to Australian shores appears imminent, with the chef shopping for Sydney sites.

Thompson rose to fame with local restaurants Darley Street Thai and Sailors Thai before relocating to Asia, where the Bangkok restaurant he fronts, Nahm, is roaring up the prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Thompson evidently has a fat chequebook out for a Sydney push - he and his business partners are touring a number of sites, including a pub at the northern end of the city they came close to snaring but couldn't agree on a price.

Thompson's homecoming won't be full-time - those familiar with his Sydney plans say he wants to open a branch of Long Chim, the Thai street food spin-off he is debuting at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands.

If rambling pubs are on the shopping list, we wonder what his Sydney plans are beyond Long Chim?