Double the Merivale serving

Scott Bolles
Double trouble: Justin Hemmes.
Double trouble: Justin Hemmes. Photo: Domino Postiglione

Casting agents get some unusual requests but tracking down child lookalikes to match the chefs in the Merivale stable has to be up there with the more challenging.

The shoot - for the upcoming March into Merivale promotion - features a class of mini-me Merivale chef lookalikes, a second photo has Justin Hemmes mingling with child model versions of Dan Hong (Mr Wong) and Jeremy Strode (Bistrode) up front, Reid Hingston (The Beresford) and Christopher Whitehead (Palings) at the back.

Teacher's pets, surely? Word is the 21 child models looked the part, but the personalities didn't always align. Apparently there wasn't so much as a sniff of a tear or a tantrum.