Gatsby star shares his Sydney coffee haunts

A coffee fan ... Tobey Maguire on the red carpet for the Australian premiere of The Great Gatsby.
A coffee fan ... Tobey Maguire on the red carpet for the Australian premiere of The Great Gatsby. Photo: Danielle Smith

Two Sydney cafes are basking in the afterglow of a red carpet “plug” by The Great Gatsby star Tobey Maguire, who spoke about his favourite Sydney coffee haunts at the film's Australian premiere last night.

Maguire, who is known as a coffee aficionado, named Reuben Hills and Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills as his favourite Sydney cafes, when Channel Ten's The Project quizzed him at the event.

“We're very flattered, he's been coming in here quite a bit. He wanted eight coffees yesterday,” said Mark Howard, a roaster at the popular coffee roastery and café.

Reuben Hills cafe in Surry Hills.
Reuben Hills cafe in Surry Hills. Photo: Jennifer Soo

“He's a vegan and one of the floor staff is as well so he was chatting about vegan options on the menu. He really enjoys the almond milk we make here and he has that in his coffee.”

Howard said there had been “a bit more buzz around”, with several morning customers mentioning Maguire's red carpet “plug”.

“Things have been a little busier this morning but we'd have to wait for the weekend to really see … It's always good getting a plug. I don't know how much it will have an effect on sales or reputation but we're happy to go with it.”

Barista Sean McManus at Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills.
Barista Sean McManus at Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills. Photo: Brianne Makin

Single Origin Roasters manager Charles Cameron said messages of congratulations had started to flow in last night.

“I was at the premiere and already started getting emails from suppliers and some of our regular customers saying congratulations,” he said.

“Unfortunately for us, it's such a wet, miserable day and half our seating is outside, it hasn't been crazy busy like you might expect.”


Cameron said the US actor, known for his role in the Spiderman trilogy, was an espresso drinker with an obvious passion for coffee.

“He was always very interested in what we were doing with our coffees and … the tools the baristas employ to get the best out of the coffee,” Cameron said.

“He was happy to soak up Sydney specialty coffee.”

Reuben Hills was named Best Cafe in last year's Sydney Morning Herald's Good Cafe Guide Awards.

-Inga Ting