Goodbye Uchi Lounge, for now

Scott Bolles
Shutting up shop: Uchi Lounge in Surry Hills.
Shutting up shop: Uchi Lounge in Surry Hills. Photo: Domino Postiglione

Surry Hills' influential Uchi Lounge has shut its doors after a 16-year run. It has been a case of something old and something new with Sydney's recent restaurant casualties so far this summer.

Last August, 3to7 opened at Danks Street, Waterloo, chest puffed with boasts of a mix of art, food and cocktails. The initiative of Ashleigh Howe, daughter of Murray Craft Brewing Co's Murray Howe, 3to7 didn't make six months, closing over the break.

Uchi Lounge, on the other hand, opened in the full flush of Sydney's restaurant revolution in the 1990s. Its star may have waned in recent years, but it was ahead of its time in pioneering Japanese food, backstreet alleys and Surry Hills.

Metro Commercial agent Zorick Toltsan says a number of restaurateurs and wine bar operators have already shown interest in the property.

There's some promising news for the Uchi faithful, though. The restaurant's Facebook page points to a rebooting of the restaurant later in 2014 at a new venue.