Heston Blumenthal to open free pop-up MasterChef restaurants in Melbourne

Heston Blumenthal is popping up in Melbourne.
Heston Blumenthal is popping up in Melbourne. Photo: Simon Schluter

Foodies will rejoice at news celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal will return to Melbourne in March with four pop-up restaurants.

The "Hidden Heston" restaurants will pop up for one night only in separate secret locations across the city, with each offering a "unique dining experience".

But fans who paid $525 – plus drinks – for a seat at the two Michelin star Fat Duck restaurant during its short stay last year might choke on their snail porridge and meat fruit, because this time the menu will be absolutely free of charge.

Lucky diners will have to solve clues posted on MasterChef Australia's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to find out where each restaurant is.

The clues will drop just before the restaurant doors open. Each will offer a "unique dining experience".

Blumenthal, who stars in Channel Ten's popular MasterChef series, said Melbourne had become "like a second home" since he opened his Dinner by Heston restaurant late last year.

"Coming on MasterChef Australia over the years has always been amazing fun, but this time, out of the studio and into this great foodie city that I love, popping up with MasterChef Australia, is even more exciting," he said.

Blumenthal temporarily brought his world-renowned Fat Duck restaurant to Crown Casino last February.

It was a roaring success, with 15,000 cashed-up foodies enjoying a seat at the table during its six-month residency.

An astounding 300,000 people applied to the ballot, with some tickets ending up on the black market at even higher prices.

After the Fat Duck packed up and flew back to the UK, Blumenthal opened Dinner by Heston.