Hopping the environment

A green tree frog.
A green tree frog. Photo: David Tease

If you want a frog pond at home, the Frogwatch Program will teach you how to create one at a workshop on December 6 (6pm-7pm, Crago Place, Macgregor, $15, 6248 0885). 

Frog ponds provide a refuge for local frog life, and attracting frogs is apparently a good thing for controlling slugs, snails and other garden pests. 

On Tuesday, December 11, the Canberra Environment Centre runs a workshop on composting. 

You’ll learn how composting works and the different options, so you can choose a system that works for your situation. (6pm-7pm, at the centre, $15). 

If you don’t have space for a compost bin, you can learn how to set up and maintain a worm farm on Thursday, December 13 (Canberra Environment Centre, 6pm-7pm, $15), ecoaction.com.au