Juan More food truck for Brisbane

Natascha Mirosch
Juan More Taco will soon hit Brisbane's streets.
Juan More Taco will soon hit Brisbane's streets. Photo: Supplied

Brisbane's food truck population is expanding, with the newest due to hit our streets in about eight weeks.

The pithily named Juan More Taco is the brainchild of Brisbane nurse, keen cook and entrepreneur Naomi Subat.

“I originally wanted a bricks and mortar place, but Googling and seeing the food truck culture taking off, I thought it was time Brisbane was part of that,” she says.

Twelve months down the track, she concedes it's been a long process. But the plan is close to fruition now that she has found her vehicle – a 1961 vintage bus that was a doughnut bus in Melbourne and before that a food truck on the Hume Highway. It's currently being retro-fitted.

As the name suggests, tacos will be the focus, and after months of experimenting and hand rolling and pressing, Subat has invested in a press and a cutter that can do 100 in an hour. She says she will be offering two staple tacos, a vegetarian version and a weekly special. Stay tuned.