Just open: Arlette's Kitchen, Scarborough

Natascha Mirosch
Inside Arlette's Kitchen.
Inside Arlette's Kitchen. Photo: Supplied

It's been a bit of a sea change, work-wise at least, for the former owners of Bistro Arlette in New Farm (now Escobar Kitchen and Bar).

Chef Linton Smith and partner Sharee Baily have just opened Arlette's Kitchen in the seaside suburb of Scarborough, although they're still living in Brisbane.

"It's certainly a much nicer commute across the bridge, than driving across the city," Smith says.  

They've taken the Arlette name with them (it refers to one of Smith's first bosses and mentors) but added "Kitchen" to signify a slightly more casual menu.

"We don't have the same expenses such as the rent as we had in New Farm, so we can afford to keep the prices down. The most expensive item on the menu is $32," Smith says.

Some of the old Bistro Arlette favourites are present, including duck and cognac pâte, prawns in Pernod cream, and the perennially popular steak frites with bearnaise sauce. However, Smith says they've broadened the French classics from Bistro Arlette to encompass a more pan-European menu.
As well as dinner Wednesday to Friday, Arlette's Kitchen will open for breakfast on Sundays with a rotating menu featuring dishes such as vegetable roesti with poached egg, spinach and blue cheese sauce, goat's cheese and jalapeno scrambled eggs, and croque-monsieur.

There's also the opportunity Wednesday to Saturday to pop in for an afternoon glass of wine and a light snack. Response from locals has been excellent, Smith says.

Arlette's Kitchen, 95 Price Edward Parade, Scarborough, 3880 3238