KFC's Double Down Dog takes Frankenfood to cheesy new level

Hot, or not?: the Double Down Dog.
Hot, or not?: the Double Down Dog. 

The latest Frankenfood is literally a frank-in-food.

KFC has taken fast food to a new level with the Double Down Dog - a hot dog wrapped in a cheese-stuffed chicken breast.

The "dog" follows the infamous Double Down burger - bacon and cheese between two chicken fillets - which was sold in Australia in 2011.

The Double Down burger was criticised for being unhealthy but has returned to Australian menus twice due to popularity.

But Aussie junk-food lovers will have to bide their time - the Double Down Dog is reportedly only available in the Philippines.

KFC is not the first chain to take fast food to an extreme level.

Pizza Hut recently introduced the Vegemite-stuffed crust pizza, but that looked like a celery stick compared to last year's cheeseburger crust, which set scoffers back a whopping 863.4 kilojoules per slice on a pepperoni pizza.

KFC initially offered 50 Double Down Dogs at various outlets across the Philippines. Not surprisingly, they quickly sold out.


Reaction on social media was mixed.

Twitter user UPROZZ labelled it a food "abomination", while Salon said it was "another sign of the apocalypse".

Thysz tweeted: "KFC Double Down Dog is absolutely disgusting and I can't wait to try it."

Another Twitter user, Christine Teigen, employed unique logic: "Why is everyone so appalled by the KFC double down dog? You'd eat the same two things in a day anyhow. It's actually a time-saver."

KFC Australia said there were no plans to sell the Double Down Dog locally.