Lunch off the menu at Quay

Scott Bolles
Closing for mid-week lunches: Peter Gilmore of Quay.
Closing for mid-week lunches: Peter Gilmore of Quay. Photo: Louise Kennerley

Quay chef Peter Gilmore's spin-off bistro is still on the cards, but diners booked for lunch are about to get bumped.

Gilmore confirmed Quay will close for mid-week lunches from June to August due to building work at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Wildfire and Ocean Room restaurants have already closed to make way for facilities for cruise ship arrivals and departures.

"When people are paying that sort of money they don't want to hear jackhammers. But we'll do something we've never done at Quay and open for lunch on the weekends when there's no building work," Gilmore says.

The chef, who is flying out for a one-night cooking gig at Thomas Keller's Per Se restaurant in New York, says he still has plans to express himself away from fine dining.

"The bistro will happen, eventually," he says.