Matthew Crabbe building his restaurant portfolio

Scott Bolles
Tokyo rules: Matthew Crabbe is in expansion mode.
Tokyo rules: Matthew Crabbe is in expansion mode. 

Matthew Crabbe doesn't make a noise about his every move as some celebrity chefs do, but the Sydney-raised pan rattler is quietly amassing an impressive offshore restaurant empire.

Crabbe has already opened Two Rooms and R2 Supper Club in Tokyo, where he lives. Now he's set to add a third venue to the portfolio.

Back in Sydney last week, Crabbe revealed plans for Ruby Jack's, a steakhouse opening in Tokyo in March. He says there are big opportunities in Japan but cautions about the mistakes he sees from expat start-ups.

"You can't just copy and paste a menu from somewhere else. And the Japanese don't like too many flavours on a plate," he says.

Crabbe's long-term dream would involve a move back to Australia. "I'd love a 10-seat restaurant in Kangaroo Valley," he says.