Mr Crackles sets a crackling pace for Oxford St

Scott Bolles
The roast pork panino at La Macelleria, Bondi.
The roast pork panino at La Macelleria, Bondi. Photo: Marco Del Grande

Sydney's crackling obsession has taken another giant trotter forward this summer, even adding some pulse to food-deprived Oxford Street.

Mr Crackles has opened at No.155, its takeaway roll of slow-cooked five-spice pork belly ''with crispy crackling'' adding a new scent to the footpaths of the busy eastern arterial.

''Texture'' is chef Robert Marchetti's one-word answer to crackling's appeal.

Marchetti's panino of freshly carved pork roll at his Bondi Beach butcher shop, La Macelleria, has become a beachside hit this summer.

''We cook the crackling separately, then cut it into chunks and sprinkle it over the pork. I tried to make a pork belly version but it didn't work for me. It was like fat city.''