New-York-style Jewish deli coming to Sydney

Good news for anyone who has been hanging out for a New York-style deli in Sydney.

Tony Gibson hasn’t had a lot of luck with his recent restaurant gigs. The talented chef departed Smith’s on Bayswater before the Kingsley Smith venture closed, only to jump into the kitchen at Manly Pavilion, which went down in flames.

Gibson has gone back to basics, selling his Reuben sandwiches at The Sydney Morning Herald Growers’ Market, a passion he’s set to turn into a full-time business.

‘‘I’m opening a classic New York-style Jewish deli selling Reubens and chopped liver,’’ Gibson says.

The deli will also include a French Canadian twist, with the Quebec specialty poutine (French fries topped with curd cheese and gravy) on the menu.

Gibson will sign on at one of the two sites he has scouted, in either Darlinghurst or East Sydney, in the next week and open in early April. ‘‘Then I’d like to [expand into] some holes in the wall in the city,’’ he says.