Prohibition-style bar, minus the moonshine

Natascha Mirosch
There are about 250 rums to choose from at The Walrus Club.
There are about 250 rums to choose from at The Walrus Club. 

Brisbane is pushing out new bars at a fierce pace.

Newest-born is The Walrus Club on Coronation Drive. (It's actually in the basement of the Coles-owned Regatta Hotel, but is being heavily promoted as a separate identity). It's tagged as a "Prohibition era" bar but you won't have to swill moonshine from a pottery jug. Neither will you find any sea mammals in residence; the name comes from The Walrus, a floating sugar mill and rum distillery that used to operate on the Logan River in the 19th century. (An idea ripe for resurrection?)

It all looks pretty swanky, with exposed brick and leather couches and motown tunes playing in the background.

Bar manager Krystal Hart, who has come over from the esteemed Canvas Bar, says that in homage to The Walrus, there are about 250 rums on offer, sourced from as far away Nigeria, Puerto Rico, and India, as well as some Australian rums.

"We do have a focus on rum, but also a large range of whisky, gin and mescal," Hart says. "The aim is to highlight the base products by creating classic drink styles but with a unique style."

Hart says there will be a compact list of six cocktails that change every couple of weeks, as well as a "rum and coke" list designed to showcase rum in an "accessible" way. A succinct menu will contain cheese boards and cured meats.

The Walrus Club, 553 Coronation Drive.