So & So cafe opens in Travancore

Inside the tiny Travancore cafe.
Inside the tiny Travancore cafe. Photo: Supplied

You may not have heard of Travancore, between the Tullamarine Freeway and Mount Alexander Road near Flemington, but fortunately Warren Wu and Rodrigo Matos de Lima have.

Wu (who's worked front-of-house at Rockpool, Gill's Diner and London's Pied a Terre) has teamed up with coffee guy Matos de Lima on So & So, which opened last week. The two, both locals, have long lamented the lack of good coffee options in the area and wanted to create something "uncomplicated and comfortable".

We're betting the solid Allpress coffee and their wood-smoked bacon roll with relish and three cheeses (Comte, cheddar and mozzarella) will win them plenty of new friends.

Open Tues-Fri 7am-4pm and Sat-Sun 8am-4pm.

So & So, 206 Mount Alexander Road, Travancore, 9376 8905,