Spaghetti, Sinatra and fresh pasta

Natascha Mirosch

OWNED by Andrew Michael of Char Char Yiros up the road, The Spaghetti House is set to open in the West End this weekend, and as its names suggests, will be old-school Italian.

"Think spaghetti marinara with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack," says Michael. (But he confirms there will be no straw-covered Chianti bottles or red checked tablecloths).

"I reckon some people are missing the point. They take these traditional cuisines and the try to fancy them up. But Italian is beautiful on its own and should be served as traditionally as possible."

He's sticking to local products: while the fresh pasta and gnocchi is made in-house, his dried pasta is being made in Redcliffe.

There will be more than 20 types of pasta and sauces as well as other traditional Italian mains, but says he's leaving the pizza-making to others.

The Spaghetti House, 120 Boundary St West End.