Teage Ezard severs ties with The Star Casino

Leading Melbourne chef Teage Ezard.
Leading Melbourne chef Teage Ezard. Photo: Supplied

The Star's prized Melbourne chef signing Teage Ezard is departing the Black by Ezard restaurant he launched at the Pyrmont casino, following on the heels of Stefano Manfredi's quiet departure from Balla Restaurant. "I'm out of there on April 1," Ezard says.

Star has already repositioned Ezard's namesake eatery, rebranding it Black Bar & Grill.

"The Manfredis continue to operate Pizzaperta but are no longer at the helm of Balla …and the Black Bar & Grill name more closely reflects the offering of the restaurant (than Black by Ezard)," a Star spokeswoman tells Good Food. 

Black by Ezard Restaurant has been rebranded as Black Bar and Grill.
Black by Ezard Restaurant has been rebranded as Black Bar and Grill. 

Ezard and Manfredi were among several high-profile recruits ushered into Star's restaurant fold.

With the casino sector keen to piggyback on chef brands, an observer surprised by the latest moves says, "Everyone is keen to see what direction Star takes with its restaurants from here on."

There are certainly some big plans on the drawing board, with a new luxury hotel mooted for the complex.

Ezard says he wants to open more food ventures. "It's a great time to focus on some new projects in Melbourne."