Team Pastry Australia recipe: 'Lifesaver' frozen fruit dessert

'Lifesaver' frozen fruit dessert by Team Pastry Australia.
'Lifesaver' frozen fruit dessert by Team Pastry Australia. Photo: Five Spice Creative

Passion and apricot sorbet 

610gm Water

80gm Dextrose

300gm Caster sugar

60gm Stabiliser

500gm Apricots purée

500gm Passion fruit purée


  • Add the water, dextrose, sugar and stabiliser and cook to 70°C
  • Mix


Vanilla Gelato 

134gm Castor sugar

22gm Glucose powder

34gm Skim milk powder

38gm Dextrose powder

620gm Fresh milk

130gm Fresh cream

2 Vanilla beans


  • Heat milk, cream and vanilla beans to 80°C
  • Add dry ingredients and emulsify
  • Strain mixture and churn - Blast chill

Rhubarb sorbet 

195gm Sugar

28gm Glucose powder

31gm Super gel mix

20gm Dextrose powder

251gm Water

475gm Fresh rhubarb purée


  • Heat all ingredients to 80°C
  • Add to compote, emulsify and churn

Pâté à bomb 

15gm Water

67gm Brown sugar

100gm Egg yolks


  • Cook sugar syrup to 116°C and add to preconditioned egg yolks
  • Cool to 40°C

Italian meringue 

50gm Water

161gm Brown sugar

80gm Egg whites


  • Cook sugar syrup to 116°C and add to pre whipped egg whites
  • Cool to 40°C


Ginger and Dark Brown Sugar Semi Freddo 

423gm Semi whipped cream

166gm Pâté a bomb

242gm Italian meringue

20gm Finely grated ginger


  • Add grated ginger to cream and whip to soft peaks
  • Fold pâté à bomb through the Italian meringue
  • Fold whipped cream through the mixture and deposit into mould
  • Blast freeze

Almond Sponge 

200gm Egg white

180gm Caster sugar

160gm Almond meal

60gm Icing sugar

60gm Flour

QS Macadamia nuts, lightly roasted

QS Almond slithers


  • Make a French meringue, fold through the almond powder, icing sugar and flour
  • Spread out onto silpat and sprinkle with ginger and vanilla biscuits, almond slithers and toasted macadamia nuts
  • Bake at 180°C
  • Deposit into mould

Gelatine Solution 

300gm Water

50gm Gelatine


  • Add hot water to gelatine, melt and set into dough


Passionfruit Glaze 

160gm Glucose

700gm Absolute crystal

150gm Passionfruit puree

95gm Gelatine solution


  • Heat all ingredients to 80°C

Ginger Nut 

185gm Butter

250gm Soft brown sugar

70gm Egg

65gm Treacle

450gm Plain flour

8gm Ground ginger

5gm Bicarbonate soda

2gm Salt

20gm Fresh grated ginger

75gm Crystallised ginger


  • Cream butter, sugar and treacle
  • Add egg and fold through dry ingredients
  • Deposit onto tray and bake at 180°C
  • Re-mould and cut into 1 cm cubes
  • Place back into the oven for 5 minutes to dry


1050gm Bakers flour

150gm Rice flour

18gm Salt

900gm Soft unsalted butter

450gm Caster sugar

1 Vanilla bean



  • Rub butter through flour and make into dough
  • Roll out and freeze
  • Cut into squares and bake

Strawberry and Rhubarb Coulis 

120gm Strawberry purée

80gm Rhubarb compote

75gm Sugar

20gm Inverted sugar

22gm Gelatine dough


  • Add together and melt to 70°C
  • Add inverted sugar