Team Pastry Australia recipe: passionfruit and vanilla pavlova with exotic fruits

Passionfruit and vanilla pavlova with exotic fruits ... dessert plate by Barry Jones from Team Pastry Australia.
Passionfruit and vanilla pavlova with exotic fruits ... dessert plate by Barry Jones from Team Pastry Australia. Photo: Janie Barrett


150g Egg White

250g Caster Sugar

6g White Vinegar

17g Icing sugar

17g Corn Starch

1g passionfruit Powder

Method :

  • Make French meringue with Egg white, vinegar, vanilla and sugar; add icing sugar and corn flour
  • Whip for 1 min. pipe into mould and bake at 85°C for 75 minutes

Almond Nougatine

40g Caster Sugar

15g Glucose

35g Unsalted Butter

2g Pectin NH

40g Almond Meal

Method :

  • Heat butter, glucose, sugar and pectin to 80°C
  • Add almond powder
  • Roll between silicon sheets and bake at 160°C, 6 mins

Passion Fruit Crémeux

200g Passionfruit Puree

60g Egg Yolk

75g Whole Egg

60g Caster Sugar

75g Unsalted Butter

20g Gelatine 6 :1

Method :

  • Make a Crème Anglaise with puree eggs and egg yolk and cook to 82°C
  • Cool down to 40°C, add butter and emulsify


Raspberry Jelly

125g Raspberry puree

1.5g Iota

Method :

  • Whisk Iota into raspberry puree and bring to the boil.
  • Set into mould

Passion Fruit and Pineapple Jelly

38g Passionfruit puree

20g Gelatin Solution 6 :1

48g Inverted sugar

82g Pineapple puree

Method :

  • Heat Passion puree and inverted sugar to 50c, add gelatine mass
  • Cool jelly to 40°C and add pineapple puree

Blood Orange Yogurt and Olive Oil Cake

188g Whole eggs

188g Caster sugar

125g Low fat yogurt

150g Cake flour

2g Baking powder

75g Almond powder

150g Blood orange olive oil

Method :

  • Whip eggs and sugar to sabayon
  • Add yogurt to sabayon
  • Sieve and fold through dry ingredients
  • Deposit into mould and bake at 180°C for 18 minutes


Pineapple Curd

100g Egg yolk

100g Caster sugar

100g Pineapple puree

100g Unsalted butter

0.2g Citric acid

Method :

  • Whip eggs and sugar together
  • Boil puree and whip into egg mix
  • Cook to 80°C then cool to 40°C
  • Mix in butter and citric acid


Crumble Base

60g Unsalted butter

40g Caster sugar

40g Brown sugar

85g Bakers flour

0.8g Sea salt

Method :

  • Combine all ingredients together and work into a rough dough
  • Place into moulds and bake at 150°C


Raspberry Crumble

100g Couverture Opalys 33%

50g Raspberry powder

100g Maltodextrine

Method :

  • Process all ingredients in a food processor to crumb

Vanilla Mascarpone Ice Cream

134g Caster sugar

22g Glucose powder

20g Milk powder 0% Fat

38gm Dextrose

34g Stabiliser

620g Milk

130g Mascarpone cheese

2 pieces Vanilla beans

Method :

  • Heat all liquids to 45°C
  • Whisk in powders and cook to 75°C
  • Cool, strain and churn


Exotic fruits

4 pieces Kiwi Fruit

3 pieces Pineapple

4 pieces Papaya

4 pieces Mango

3 pieces Orange

Method :

  • Cut all fresh fruits to small cubes