The Traditional Chip Shop opens at Bondi Junction

Scott Bolles
Brit-style fish and chips from The Traditional Chip Shop.
Brit-style fish and chips from The Traditional Chip Shop. Photo: Supplied

For many years Four in Hand chef Colin Fassnidge has quietly harboured a dream to open a traditional fish and chip shop near an Irish pub.

It looks like the toqued chef has been beaten to the deep fryer with the opening of The Traditional Chip Shop at 78 Bronte Road, just down from the Cock 'n' Bull Hotel at Bondi Junction.

It isn't exactly fast-paced fast food, but if you like your chips Brit style, covered in gravy or curry sauce, then it is just the ticket.

But wait, there's more, with battered cod, haddock and black pudding, pickled eggs and deep-fried Mars Bars, it mightn't be rich in Heart Foundation ticks, but is already busy.

Fassnidge, who recently returned from a motorcycle tour for a new TV series My Ireland with Colin, says he hasn't given up his own dreams for a life up to his elbows in batter.

"I'd still like to open [a fish and chip shop] one day," he says.