The year of the sausage

Natascha Mirosch
The once-humble snag grabbed attention in Brisbane in 2012.
The once-humble snag grabbed attention in Brisbane in 2012. Photo: Supplied

Last year it was dumplings; this year it's the humble sausage that seems to be the street food du jour in Brisbane. First there was the German Sausage Hut, which began serving up their juicy bratwurst and sauerkraut at the city's markets, before finding a permanent home in Burnett Lane in the CBD.

Then 5 Dogs Gourmet Hot Dogs opened in Fortitude Valley offering American-style fancy hot dogs, followed by Brat Haus in Caxton Street in November, and now, yet another haute hotdoggery, Snag Stand has hung it's shingle in Queen's Plaza.

A small chain with outlets in Sydney and Melbourne, Snag Stand has fifteen varieties of sausages, from chorizo with spicy chipotle with rocket and goats cheese to a “Backyarder" (Beef and tomato with coleslaw, Coopers Ale barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese) made, they say, by the country's most respected butchers. It certainly shows how far the humble snag has come when it can rub shoulders with neighbours like Tiffany and Chanel.

Snag Stand is on the Lower Floor of Queen's Plaza in the Queen Street Mall