Top five pubs for chips

Worth the fuss ... the Erskineville Hotel's sweet potato wedges.
Worth the fuss ... the Erskineville Hotel's sweet potato wedges. Photo: Rachel Murdolo

Riverview Hotel, Balmain

These beauties are house-made, hand-cut supermodels, not too fat, not too thin. The added quirk is that they arrive as a tumble of potato sticks cascading from a little box. Cute and delicious.

Erskineville Hotel, Erskineville

The fuss is all about the sweet potato wedges; roasted, not fried, they arrived looking better than a tattie from a Sunday dinner, wedges of vibrant orange with slightly charred skins that give way to melting, sweet flesh.

Australian Youth Hotel, Glebe

We’re not sure if this is a kitchen or a temple to the ultimate prize – hand-cut chips made in-house every day. These are the things legends and arguments over the last one are made of: all soft ’n’ fluffy inside and golden ’n’ crunchy out, a delight of haphazard shapes and not a single regimented rectangular imposter among them.

The Carrington, Surry Hills

The Carrington rethinks good old chips and tomato sauce: its Spanish-tapas-meets-dude-food take on the pub staple comes in the form of deconstructed patatas bravas. Think rustic paprika-dusted chips that taste even better when dunked into a bowl of house-made spicy tomato goodness.

Great Southern Inn, Eden

Super-crisp on the outside, soft in the middle and cooked to perfection: real old-style thick-cut chips. The oil tasted fresh, not tired as sometimes happens, so the flavour is sort of potato-ey, buttery and crispy. We thought very seriously about ordering another bowl while our companion had dessert.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald Pub Food Guide 2013

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