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Diana Lampe is a Canberra-based writer. She is a regular contributor to the cook this week column in Canberra's Food and Wine magazine.

Diana Lampe's Polish white bean and cabbage soup, poppy seed and apple cake


Comforting soup and a perfect tea time cake that are great winter warmers.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Jul 21 23:30:00 EST 2015

Diana Lampe's Japanese curry rice and potato salad

Wafu salad.

Diana Lampe reveals some Japanese favourites which originated from other countries.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue May 12 23:45:00 EST 2015

Aloo chole (chickpea and potato curry)

Aloo chole ?chickpea and potato curry.

Aloo chole is a popular Punjabi curry of chickpeas and potato. It is not particularly hot and spicy, so add a little extra chilli if you like.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Fri Apr 24 14:43:57 EST 2015

Eggplant and tomato with yoghurt and mint sauce

Borani banjan (eggplant and tomato with yoghurt and mint sauce).

This tasty dish - known as borani banjan - is a luscious and healthy Afghani dish that is served with a refreshing yoghurt and mint sauce.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Fri Apr 24 14:43:54 EST 2015

Anzac Day centenary: Perfect recipes to commemorate the day


Diana Lampe shares a selection of deeply-considered and thrice-tested Aussie recipes to mark the Anzac Day centenary.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Apr 21 23:45:00 EST 2015

Recipe: Japanese potato salad and curry rice

Japanese cuisine puts its own spin on favourite dishes from other cultures.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Apr 21 23:30:00 EST 2015

Diana Lampe: Greek-style baked fish with lemon potatoes and dill salad


South coast snapper would be ideal for this Greek-style baked fish dish by Diana Lampe.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Apr 14 23:45:00 EST 2015

Diana Lampe's Kisir salad; Georgian bean salad


Here are two refreshing cold salads from Turkey and Georgia for a late-summer party.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Feb 10 23:45:00 EST 2015

Diana Lampe's French summer recipes for Christmas

Bright: Green olive and artichoke tapenade.

For some real flair, here are Diana Lampe's French summer recipes for the Christmas break.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Dec 09 23:45:00 EST 2014

Diana Lampe's retro Christmas salmon mousse


Salmon mousse is the ultimate in retro cuisine, especially when it's served in a fish mould.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Nov 25 13:03:28 EST 2014

Moroccan recipes: Zaalouk, lamb and carrot tagine, North African bread


Diana Lampe cooks up a Moroccan feast this week with a tagine, a healthy salad and semolina bread.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Fri Oct 31 13:52:07 EST 2014

Diana Lampe's salade nicoise recipe

Salade nicoise

Diana Lampe shares a sensational spring salad recipe.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Oct 07 23:45:00 EST 2014

Diana Lampe's Italian recipes for spring


Diana Lampe's mouth-watering Italian-inspired recipes are based on divine combinations - mushrooms with blue cheese; asparagus with eggs and parmesan cheese; and strawberries with balsamic vinegar.

Good Food | Diana Lampe | Thu Sep 25 12:02:31 EST 2014

Turkish recipes: Ezo the bride's soup, cokelek and revani


Diana Lampe reveals three classic Turkish dishes that will inspire.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Aug 12 00:00:00 EST 2014

Diana Lampe's midwinter heartwarmers

Diana Lampe's Shepherd's pie .

Diana Lampe's three recipes are sure to warm the cockles.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Thu Jul 10 17:38:52 EST 2014


Elegant: Florentines are popular world-wide.

Florentines are elegant and delicious biscuits to serve with coffee or tea. They are made with almonds and candied fruits and coated with dark chocolate.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Wed Jun 11 12:41:17 EST 2014

Veal parmigiana

Veal parmigiana.

Veal parmigiana is an Italian-American classic that is a favourite here as well, though you may be more familiar with the Australian pub classic, chicken schnitzel parmigiana.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Wed Jun 11 12:31:40 EST 2014

Veal parmigiana and Florentines are classic fare


Elegant Florentines and hearty veal parmigiana are great for entertaining at the dinner table.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Thu Jun 05 12:14:18 EST 2014

Canberra's chestnuts have cracking appeal


It is chestnut season and Diana Lampe has two wonderful recipes to share.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Thu May 15 09:31:45 EST 2014

Turkish twist on Anzac Day tucker

Diana Lampe's Turkish recipes for Anzac Day.

To mark the growing friendship with the old enemy, here are some Turkish recipes.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Wed Apr 23 03:00:00 EST 2014