Frank Camorra

Frank Camorra


Barcelona born Frank Camorra is chef and co-owner of MoVida Sydney and Melbourne's MoVida Bar De Tapas.

Lamington cakes with quince

There's nothing like a small baked treat with a delicious twist to improve any occasion. I love a good lamington, and my favourite condiment is quince paste.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Wed Jul 01 17:03:07 EST 2015

Mandarin and polenta cakes

Mandarin and polenta cakes.

Small cakes are incredibly versatile: they can be a bit of fun for morning tea or an elegant dessert with ice-cream or a zesty lemon curd.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Wed Jul 01 15:52:33 EST 2015

Potato and celeriac gratin

This dish makes a great side to a winter feast such as a roast lunch or dinner; the combination of potato and sour cream is hard to beat! When layering the potato mixture into the baking dish, keep...

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jun 22 13:36:35 EST 2015

Lamb shoulder with pomegranate glaze

Lamb shoulder with pomegranate glaze.

For me, a Sunday roast lunch is generous, festive occasion, the highlight of the weekend. In terms of meat cuts, lamb shoulder has shot to the top of the charts.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jun 22 13:36:33 EST 2015

Vanilla custard

Vanilla custard.

This rich, luscious custard makes a great friend for a fruity winter pie. For a chocolate version, add 150 grams of good quality chocolate at the end and stir until it melts.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jun 15 10:14:51 EST 2015

Pear and blackberry pie

Pear and blackberry pie.

Pear and blackberry pie is my cure for the winter blues, with its great balance of sweet and sharp flavours in a crunchy pie pastry.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jun 15 10:14:48 EST 2015

Rose meringue with apple curd and toasted almonds

Rose meringues with apple curd and toasted almond.

As pavlova proves meringue is a great foil for fresh fruit and a good way to use up the leftover egg whites from making this apple curd.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jun 08 10:06:40 EST 2015

Maple roast ham hock and pea soup

Pea and ham soup is a modern classic; using frozen peas rather then dried ones adds brightness to this version.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jun 01 14:27:44 EST 2015

Ham, chorizo and egg bake

Ham, chorizo and egg bake.

These egg and ham bakes are fantastic for breakfast or lunch. Experiment with the filling by adding spinach or chilli jam.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jun 01 14:20:58 EST 2015

Zucchini and pinenut salad

This tasty middle-eastern take on a simple salad is perfect as a side dish or for a mid-week dinner.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 25 12:10:44 EST 2015

Barramundi in banana leaf

Wrap a barramundi in banana leaves for a quick and easy baked dinner that tastes complex.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 25 11:26:14 EST 2015

Rhubarb chutney

Rhubarb has been pigeonholed as a fruit for dessert, used in pies or crumbles or stewed with sugar, but it can also be used in delicious savoury dishes.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 18 13:50:08 EST 2015

Roast pork belly with crackling

Pork belly with rhubarb chutney, Frank Camorra.

A Sunday roast that's sure to impress. Served with rhubarb chutney, the fruity tartness of rhubarb is an excellent balance to the richness of the pork belly.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 18 13:42:18 EST 2015

Cos salad with warm garlic and anchovy dressing

Cos salad with garlic and anchovies.

This simple salad is the perfect side dish to complement a main meal, or can be a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 11 12:45:12 EST 2015

Pedro Ximenez braised beef and mushroom pie

When it comes to a tasty pie, it's what's inside that counts - and the filling in this pie is in another league. All you need is a quick salad and Sunday lunch is served.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 11 12:13:09 EST 2015

Banana chocolate caramel tart

Banana, caramel and chocolate are a blend that is hard to beat and this tart recipe is easy with a little planning.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 04 12:51:48 EST 2015

Cornflake choc biscuits

When too much chocolate is never enough, combine a few simple ingredients to make this moreish lunchbox snack.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon May 04 12:50:00 EST 2015

Warm salmon escabeche

Escabeche, which is usually served cold, may not be a dish that comes to mind for winter, but when served warm it ticks all the boxes.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Apr 27 10:26:29 EST 2015

Slow-cooked potato and peppers

It's time to start thinking about cooking hearty winter dishes. These slow-cooked potatoes are an excellent winter warmer, and great with roast meats, but try not to eat most of it straight from the...

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Apr 27 10:26:32 EST 2015

Roast banana, gingerbread and mascarpone trifle

Frank Camorra's gingerbread, banana and mascarpone trifle.

My take on trifle is a bit radical, using my favourite gingerbread recipe and no jelly. It's still very quick to make and so moist it lasts for a few days.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Apr 20 14:33:19 EST 2015