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Jeni Port

Wine writer

Top 10 proseccos from near and far

Celebrare la differenza: Australian prosecco tends to be more fruit-forward than the Italian kind.

The charming bubbly is increasing in popularity in Australia. Here is a top 10 from Australia and Italy.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Feb 23 00:27:00 EST 2016

Top 10 wines to drink with hot foods

Try a riesling or sauvignon blanc to match the spiciness of a Thai curry.

Matching wines with spicy-hot foods is a challenge. But our wine experts have found 10 wines that like it hot.

Drink | Ralph Kyte-Powell and Jeni Port | Tue Feb 16 00:30:00 EST 2016

Good Food Australia Day wine awards 2016

Raise a glass to Australia's winemakers.

As we celebrate all that's good about this great, wide, sunburnt land, let's honour some who have done special service to Australian wine.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Jan 26 00:00:00 EST 2016

Best wines for under $20

Tasting wine

On a tight wine budget and don't speak the lingo? Here are 10 wines to take to dinner party that will make you look as if you know what you're talking about.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Jan 12 09:15:00 EST 2016

Best Australian wines of 2015

Which Aussie wines stood out this year?

Births, deaths, openings and closings, the Good Food wine writers reflect on the year and share their top wines of 2015.

Drink | Jeni Port, Ralph Kyte-Powell, Huon Hooke, Cathy Gowdie | Tue Dec 15 00:30:00 EST 2015

Best bubbly for the festive season 2015


It's party season and the champagne corks are popping. Here's our list of best French and Aussie fizz to set you on a festive summer course.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Nov 24 00:15:00 EST 2015

Time to sparkle: Best Australian and French bubbles for the festive season

Champagne cork popping

It’s party season and champagne corks are a’poppin’. Here’s our list of best French and Aussie fizz to set you on a festive summer course.

Drink | Jeni Port | Mon Nov 23 16:43:46 EST 2015

Yarra Valley cabernet . . . not sexy enough?

Seville Estate vineyard.

Cabernet sauvignon, once the Yarra Valley's pride, has become its Cinderella variety. Has its time to shine come again?

Good Food | Jeni Port | Tue Oct 13 10:00:00 EST 2015

Victorian wines shine at 2015 Halliday awards

Winning winemaker and Black Saturday survivor Tom Carson.

Victorian winemaker Tom Carson of Serrat has been awarded for a drop that may have saved his life.

Drink | Jeni Port | Wed Jul 29 14:05:04 EST 2015

Top 10 Australian winter red wines

Yalumba Wines is undergoing a major transition in management ranks and inside the boardroom.

Perfectly suited to hearty meals, these cold weather friendly wines will warm you from the inside and start at $19.

Top 10 Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Jun 16 00:45:00 EST 2015

Five reasons to get excited about riesling

Glass of white wine.

From wild yeasts to botrytis, winemakers are pushing the boundaries in the riesling world.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Mar 17 00:00:00 EST 2015

The 2015 Wine Honours List

Raise a glass to Australia's winemakers.

Here's our Post-Australia Day Honours List, recognising the special contribution of our wines, and the people behind them, to our great nation.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Jan 27 00:00:00 EST 2015

Best rose wines for 2015

Jeni Port shares her top rose picks.

Get in the pink with Jeni Port's picks.

Drink | Jeni Port | Mon Jan 12 23:12:15 EST 2015

Best Australian wines of 2014: from shiraz to gruner veltliner

Jeni Port's top drops for 2014.

It was a tough year for our winemakers but there was plenty of wine that shone through nonetheless.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Dec 09 00:00:00 EST 2014

McLaren Vale is in need of a white wine champion

McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale has become known as a red-grape region. Can any white varieties stand the heat?

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Nov 04 10:34:18 EST 2014

Fortifying the cocktail: in defence of a wonderful mix

Shae Silvestro's Port Side cocktail.

Bartenders share cocktail recipes that celebrate fortified wines.

Drink | Jeni Port | Wed Oct 15 17:48:05 EST 2014

Andrea Bocelli brings Bocelli Family Wines to Australia

Andrea Bocelli

The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is in Australia to launch his family's wine range.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Sep 23 10:08:20 EST 2014

Wolf Blass leaves legacy at 80th birthday

Wolfgang Franz Otto Blass

He was a puffed up little German with tickets on himself and an ego you could see from space. Or, he was just a blender of wine not interested in serious wines that aged.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Sep 16 03:00:00 EST 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2015: The drinks awards


Some trends arrive fast.

Good Food Guide | Jeni Port | Tue Sep 02 03:00:00 EST 2014

Much to wine about as drink lists take over

Cocktails on the rise.

Bye bye wine lists: The drinks list is exploding with cocktails, gin and craft beers cutting in on the action.

Good Food Guide | Jeni Port | Sat Aug 30 08:00:00 EST 2014