Jill Dupleix

Jill Dupleix

Food writer

One of Australia's best known food writers, Jill Dupleix is a long-time restaurant reviewer, reporter and recipe columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Jill was the food editor of The Times in London for six years, and is the author of 16 cookbooks.

Blue cheese madeleines

Blue cheese madeleines.

In the cooler days of autumn, give me freshly baked breads, hearty meat pies and trays of baked pasta, please.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue May 24 15:37:35 EST 2016

Potato and kale pizza

Potato, kale and oyster mushroom pizza.

In the cooler days of autumn, savoury baking is just as satisfying as the usual knee-jerk baking of cakes and sweet things.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue May 24 15:37:14 EST 2016

Introducing recipe writers Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy

Our new recipe writers, the Blue Ducks.

With their new cafe soon to open in Rosebery, Sydney, Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy share recipes that reflect their ethos of feeding people fresh, healthy food, made from scratch.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue May 03 14:26:01 EST 2016

Australia's Top Restaurants dining program highlights 2016

Sheep's milk curd, asparagus, roe, hen yolk and smoked rye from Biota Dining. Biota chef James Viles wiill face-off against Scott Pickett of Estelle by Scott Pickett in Melbourne.

From 'death row dinners' to a NSW v VIC chef smackdown, Australia's Top Restaurants co-director Jill Dupleix shares her top five picks from this year's dining program.

Food News | Jill Dupleix | Thu Apr 28 13:28:27 EST 2016

Lamb with 40 garlic cloves

Lamb with 40 garlic cloves.

France's famous 'chicken with 40 garlic cloves' is even better done with lamb. Forty cloves might sound like a lot of garlic but when it cooks down to such a sweet, almost caramelised, nutty paste...

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Apr 19 14:16:21 EST 2016

Easy lemon meringue possets

Lemon meringue possets.

Here's a quick flip on a traditional French dessert. The old-school three-ingredient English posset – just cream, sugar, and lemon juice – sets without eggs or gelatine into a tangy, creamy,...

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Apr 19 14:11:40 EST 2016

How to peel and devein a prawn


Deveining and peeling prawns can be a messy business, so here is the most efficient way to get those crustaceans ready for the pan.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Wed Apr 13 16:38:18 EST 2016

How to make perfect scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

Do your scrambled eggs turn out differently every single time - from soupy to rubbery? Here's how to get soft, creamy curds, every time.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Thu Mar 24 09:42:40 EST 2016

Risoni or quinoa with cauliflower, preserved lemon and parmesan

Risoni (or quinoa) with cauliflower and preserved lemon.

This is tasty on its own or can make a great accompaniment to poultry. It couldn't be much easier to pull together.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Wed Mar 23 07:48:25 EST 2016

Chicken (spatchcock) tarator with herb and walnut salad

Chicken tarator.

Crowd-worthy recipes are adaptable and accommodating, able to bend and stretch up or down according to the numbers landing on the doorstep.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Wed Mar 23 07:48:22 EST 2016

The best way to slice and get the flesh from an avocado

How to slice an avocado.

Jill Dupleix shares a food stylist's trick for cutting perfect, smooth avocado slices.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Wed Mar 16 17:50:39 EST 2016

How to cook crispy-skin salmon like a chef

Salmon with Potato Salad

When you order salmon in a restaurant, the skin is super-crisp and the salmon is just pink inside. Here's how to do it at home.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Thu Mar 10 13:43:00 EST 2016

Coconut chicken salad with mint and lime

Coconut chicken salad with mint and lime.

To convert the "I'm not a salad person" crowd, try this: poach chicken in coconut milk and serve with green beans, cucumber, herbs and peanuts in a can't-go-wrong dressing of coconut, lime juice and...

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 23 10:41:30 EST 2016

Potato, prawn and avocado salad

Potato, prawn and avocado salad is an ideal late-summer lunch or dinner.

Add fresh prawns and hard-boiled eggs to a potato salad and toss it in a creamy avocado and buttermilk dressing, and you have the perfect late-summer lunch or dinner.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 23 10:29:13 EST 2016

The secret to a perfect poached egg

How to poach an egg.

Get out the strainer! Here are three steps to guarantee a perfect poachie every time.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Wed Feb 10 16:06:51 EST 2016

Green and gold Australia Day salad wraps

Sure a barbecue on Australia Day is all very well but you'll also be needing something fresh and healthy to balance out all those chops and snags.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Wed Jan 27 15:09:40 EST 2016

Kangaroo and pork sausage rolls

Kangaroo sausage rolls.

Now that we're deep in traditional barbecue territory in January, you'll be needing something to nibble on while the grill gets fired up.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Wed Jan 27 15:02:22 EST 2016

From Hugh to Nigella: 5 cooks, 5 lunch boxes

There are some great recipes out there lurking in cookbooks and blogs, just waiting to be turned into lunch box magic every day of the working week. Here are five.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Jan 26 14:26:31 EST 2016

Sesame soba noodles with soy eggs

Cook the sweet, earthy, soy-marinated eggs, noodles and snow peas earlier, so there's nothing to do in the morning except throw it all together.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Jan 26 14:06:35 EST 2016

The rainbow superbowl

Who wouldn't look forward to a bright, healthy and beautiful collection of the most colourful vegies, greens and grains? Toss with a tangy dressing and devour on the spot, roll into a wrap, or tuck...

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Jan 26 14:06:51 EST 2016