Jill Dupleix

Jill Dupleix

Food writer

One of Australia's best known food writers, Jill Dupleix is a long-time restaurant reviewer, reporter and recipe columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Jill was the food editor of The Times in London for six years, and is the author of 16 cookbooks.

Chicken and black fungus salad

Long valued in Asian stir-fries, soups and noodle salads for its crisp and crunchy, slightly rubbery texture, black fungus is now being feted by some of Australia's starriest chefs.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Dec 02 15:33:22 EST 2014

Brooklyn Hide

Salmon lox bagel at Brooklyn Hide.

Brooklyn Hide in Surry Hills nails the bagels.

Eat Out | Jill Dupleix | Tue Dec 02 08:59:49 EST 2014

Health food: Black fungus salad

Black or wood ear fungus adds crunch to dishes and as a bonus, Chinese medicine practitioners believe it purifies the blood.

Good Food | Jill Dupleix | Tue Dec 02 00:00:00 EST 2014

Salmon and kimchi tacos

Asian tacos

What happens when Mexico collides with Korea and Japan and decides to party? You get the fusion street food the world wanted.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Nov 25 12:34:12 EST 2014

Carrot ice-cream

Carrot ice-cream

Smooth, creamy, irresistible ice-cream that's good for your eyesight - who knew? To serve, scatter with walnuts, serve with walnut or carrot cake, or scoop into waffle cones.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Nov 18 10:22:57 EST 2014

'Exciting, innovative': World's food luminaries share their views on Australian fare

Marron on the barbecue.

What happens when 80 top-tier chefs, food writers, bloggers and restaurateurs from around the world are sent all over Australia to eat and drink as part of Tourism Australia’s $40 million...

Food News | Jill Dupleix, Terry Durack | Tue Nov 18 10:07:59 EST 2014

Zucchini spaghetti

Zucchini spaghetti

This "spaghetti" is made from zucchini, extruded through a vegetable spiraliser into long, curling strands of raw vegetable goodness.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Nov 11 09:39:28 EST 2014

Banana bread with salted caramel

Banana bread with salted caramel.

This cafe favourite is deservedly popular. You can toast it and serve for brunch with cultured butter, or (as in this recipe) serve as dessert with ice-cream and salted caramel.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Nov 04 09:24:48 EST 2014

Chia and coconut yoghurt

Crunchy like poppy seeds when dry, and slippery like sago when they have absorbed up to 10 times their volume in liquid, chia seeds are gluten-free power bombs of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and...

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 28 11:04:22 EST 2014

Rose Bay Diner

Burger and chips

This cafe offers eggy, porky breakfasts and grainy tarty lunches, complete with boats sailing past the windows - on their trailers, that is.

Eat Out | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 28 08:36:37 EST 2014

Health food: Chia seeds

These little power bombs of protein have been hailed as a superfood, and are versatile enough to be used at breakfast or in desserts.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 28 00:00:00 EST 2014

Oven-roasted spicy chickpeas

Spicy chickpeas are the new crisp and crunchy snack of choice, leaving olives and nuts in the shade.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 21 10:49:52 EST 2014

Health Food: Spicy roasted chickpeas

Whether pan-fried, deep-fried or oven-roasted, spicy chickpeas are the new snack of choice.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 21 00:00:00 EST 2014

Carrot-top pesto

Carrot-top pesto.

This is a great (and tasty) way to reduce food waste. Don't throw those carrot tops away next time you buy or pick a bunch.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 14 10:57:48 EST 2014

Tuna poke with rice crackers

Poke (pronounced pok-kay) is a Japanese-influenced Hawaiian dish of raw ahi tuna, traditionally served chopped and tossed with the local limu (seaweed) and ground kukui (candlenuts).

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 14 09:13:35 EST 2014

Ways to reduce food waste

Waste less

Tips to reduce your food waste.

Food News | Jill Dupleix | Mon Oct 13 17:20:37 EST 2014

Spoilt tomato sugo

This recipe is a great way of using up tomatoes that are a little past their prime and is a great base for many types of dishes including pasta, beans, fish and chicken.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Mon Oct 13 14:05:50 EST 2014

Waste less food to save money and the environment

Waste not.

Australians throw away $8 billion dollars worth of food a year. Here's how to save money and the environment.

Food News | Richard Cornish and Jill Dupleix | Mon Oct 13 00:00:00 EST 2014

Spice-rubbed flank steak

Skirt steak.

Chefs are embracing this top-value, flavour-packed ''forgotten cut''. Here's how you can too.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Oct 07 11:54:14 EST 2014

Chefs and foodies set out to change the world in Ben Shewry's WAW festival of ideas

Obsession: Inaki Aizpitarte's talk took the cake.

It was a day of talks about connecting  - people to place, people to food, people to people -   designed to be an intimate gathering of ethically minded chefs and like-mindeds to...

Food News | Jill Dupleix | Mon Oct 06 13:26:49 EST 2014