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Du Fermier

Roasted eye fillet on wilted cavolo nero at Du Fermier.

This little restaurant glows with the warmth of genuine hospitality and honest-to-god cooking.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jul 22 00:00:00 EST 2014

Seven easy steps to becoming a better cook

Roast chicken with preserved lemon.

Simple tips and tricks to sharpen your kitchen skills.

Cook | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jul 15 03:00:00 EST 2014

Stokehouse City

Go-to dish: Veal tenderloin, fregola, mushroom.

While the scar on St Kilda's foreshore is filled and rebuilt, Stokehouse sojourns in the city.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jul 15 00:00:00 EST 2014


Potato skins with whipped cod roe.

Luxembourg will feed the pathological fondness many Melburnians harbour for France.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jul 08 07:45:44 EST 2014

True or false: 21 great food myths


Like anything that's developed over thousands of years, kitchen lore is a mixed bag. Handed-down wisdom can be a valuable tool or a pointless formality.

Top 10 Cook | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jul 01 03:00:00 EST 2014

Arthur Radley

Arthur Radley calls itself a bistrot, although the menu hugs both sides of the Mediterranean.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jul 01 00:00:00 EST 2014

Susie Wong

Go-to dish: Pork jowl, XO sauce and pipis.

This new Thai-Cambodian-Vietnamese joint is boldly going where no restaurant has before.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jun 24 00:00:00 EST 2014

Big Spoon Little Spoon

Ches with wanderlust CVs, affordable, boutique-driven, mostly Victorian food with a deconstructed Bounty Bar to finish things off?

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jun 10 07:01:08 EST 2014

Are you being served? How to navigate the tricky topic of leaving a tip

A tip jar.

Tipping is already a contentious issue in Australia but as payWave looms, the hospitality industry fears the worst.

Eat Out | Hilary McNevin and Larissa Dubecki | Mon Jun 09 23:58:00 EST 2014

Vue de Monde

Stunning: Cider glazed barramundi with chicken mousse, potato and caviar.

It's not just the order of the menu but the style of food that's evolved.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Jun 03 00:00:00 EST 2014

Le Grand Cirque

Beef tartare and pearl barley risotto at Le Grand Cirque.

Manu Feildel's restaurant is so French the bread situation is a borderline international incident.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue May 27 00:00:00 EST 2014

Tani Eat & Drink

Quail, fermented cabbage, citrus, red miso and garlic dressing.

Even more than last year, the food at this Bright restaurant justifies four hours on the Hume.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue May 20 00:00:00 EST 2014

Prix Fixe

The ode to autumn menu makes a pretty fine argument for seasonal tasting at Australia's first ticketed restaurant.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue May 13 08:19:26 EST 2014

Woodland House

Cucumber and tomato, charred eel and sweet aniseed.

Jacques Reymond's two proteges are clearly blessed with cooking flair, serving up very professional, well-mannered food.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue May 06 00:00:00 EST 2014


Scallop ceviche at Corte.

This Argentinian restaurant is the kind of place for lingering over drinks, rather than eating and running.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Apr 29 00:00:00 EST 2014

Chianti Bistro

How do you take over a restaurant that has operated under the same owners for 29 years?

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Apr 22 00:00:00 EST 2014

Upmarket food court re-served as food cafe at Emporium Melbourne

Earl Canteen's pork belly sandwich.

The buzz over the opening of Emporium Melbourne is as much about the food as the footwear.

Food News | Larissa Dubecki | Wed Apr 16 03:00:00 EST 2014

Put to the test: the world's best margherita pizza

The margherita pizza from the 400 Gradi in Brunswick.

How does the pizza recently awarded the world's best stack up? Restaurant critic Larissa Dubecki put 400 Gradi's margherita to the test.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Apr 15 14:58:40 EST 2014

Hitting the sweet spot

Sweet art: Darren Purchese gets the flick.

Pastry chefs have never been more influential as last-course lust grows.

Food News | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Apr 15 03:00:00 EST 2014


Ruyi is charting its own path right through the old-school Canto barns and the funky new Asian places.

Eat Out | Larissa Dubecki | Tue Apr 15 00:00:00 EST 2014