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Neil Perry

Chef and Good Weekend columnist

Chinese recipes from Neil Perry's Spice Temple

Neil Perry's pork dumplings with Sichuan sauce.

By changing their nature while respecting their heritage, Neil Perry makes Chinese dishes his own. Here is an extract from his latest cookbook, Spice Temple.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Oct 27 00:15:00 EST 2015

Spice marinated fried chicken

Spice marinated fried chicken.

Keep everyone happy with finger-lickin' chicken. Share the love, but get in quick. The aioli is well-suited to this dish, but is an optional add-on. This spice rub also works with quail.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Oct 26 14:37:59 EST 2015

Lamb kofta with muhammara

Neil Perry's lamb kofta with muhammara

Fancy something savoury? Be tempted by easy-to-prepare lamb kofta, accompanied by muhammara, an addictively spicy red pepper dip.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Oct 20 11:57:18 EST 2015

Spinach hotcakes and greens with feta, olives and almonds

Spinach hotcakes with greens and feta.

These spinach hotcakes are a perfect 'anytime-of-day' sort of meal. For non-vegetarians, they are really nice with smoked salmon on them and a herb salad.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Oct 19 09:32:21 EST 2015

Kingfish sashimi with sesame ponzu dressing

Traditional Japanese flavours come to the fore in this delicate sashimi dish. It is best served as part of a shared meal.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Oct 13 11:12:33 EST 2015

Warm steak salad with spicy soy and ginger sauce

Japanese flavours take command in this simple, quick-to-prepare dish.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Oct 13 10:41:26 EST 2015

Strawberry and cream shortcakes

Strawberry and cream shortcakes.

The beautiful thing about berries is you don't have to do much to them. These shortcakes are a great alternative to scones and jam and allow the fresh strawberries to shine.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Oct 05 13:19:09 EST 2015

Whole snapper roasted with herbs and potato

Whole snapper roasted with herbs and chat potatoes.

This impressive dinner is actually very simple to prepare. If you don't like the idea of whole fish you could use a large fish fillet - it will take even less time to cook (just blanch the potatoes...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Oct 05 07:40:37 EST 2015

Soft-boiled eggs with beetroot, carrot and parsley salad

Soft-boiled eggs with beetroot and carrot salad.

This salad is satisfying on so many levels - serve to share or dish it up as a main in its own right.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 28 09:29:45 EST 2015

Turkish zucchini fritters with garlic yoghurt

Turkish zucchini fritters.

Pair these fritters with a crunchy, flavour-packed salad and you won't need a main course. They also make great finger food for a party or picnic.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 28 08:20:41 EST 2015

Sticky pork skewers with spiced lime dipping sauce

Sticky pork skewers with spiced lime dipping sauce.

The pork can be changed out for chicken or even fish if you like. A gas barbecue or even cooking under a grill in the oven is fine, but for the best taste it really is worth cooking them over...

Cook | Neil Perry | Fri Sep 25 00:00:00 EST 2015

Green mango salad

Green pawpaw is a good substitute for green mango and adding cashews for peanuts will take it to another level.

Cook | Neil Perry | Fri Sep 25 00:00:00 EST 2015

Teriyaki salmon

Neil Perry's teriyaki salmon.

I really like to serve teriyaki dishes at home - my kids love them with rice and kimchi; teriyaki's sweet saltiness seems to go well with the rice and kimchi's spicy, fermented pickle.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 21 10:47:46 EST 2015

Chargrilled chicken salad with ginger miso dressing

Salad of chargrilled chicken with ginger-miso dressing,

Combine a blast of searing heat and serious Japanese flavour to add an intense, lovely zing to fresh produce. Any chargrilled seafood would be great in this salad, as would pork loin.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 21 07:22:22 EST 2015

Vanilla and ginger cheesecake with roast pineapple

Warning: This is a seriously creamy cheesecake. If pineapple is not your thing, it's also great with cooked apple sauce - or - for a fresh approach as we get into spring and summer, try using diced...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 14 13:22:38 EST 2015

Barbecue skirt steal with hoisin and chilli

Skirt steak with hoisin and chilli.

Spring has sprung, so fire up the barbecue and put the heat on a piece of marinated steak. Allow some time for the marinade to work its magic and you'll be rewarded with this delicious and simple...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 14 07:40:57 EST 2015

Kingfish with hazelnuts, beans and brown butter

Kingfish with green beans, hazelnuts and brown butter.

This simple kingfish dinner is lovely with potato puree. For a lighter option than the butter sauce, use extra virgin olive oil instead, and serve with a potato salad dressed with oil and lemon juice.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 07 07:37:38 EST 2015

Spiced chicken and lentil salad

Spiced chicken and lentil salad.

This delicious salad doubles as a main meal and while it flies under the carbohydrate radar, it's certainly soaring in flavour.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 07 07:36:44 EST 2015

Beetroot, orange and olive salad

Beetroot, orange and olive salad.

Packed with parsley and flavoursome beetroot, this dish is a great winter salad or light lunch option. If you like raw beetroot though, just cut the beets into fine julienne strips.

Cook | Neil Perry | Wed Sep 02 11:20:48 EST 2015

Lamb cutlets in masala with almond and pumpkin curry

Lamb cutlets with a pumpkin-almond curry

Use freshly ground spices if possible to make the most of the rich, aromatic marinade in this dish. Pre-ground spices rarely match the flavour of whole seeds.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Aug 31 14:58:53 EST 2015