Neil Perry

Neil Perry

Chef and Good Weekend columnist

Teriyaki salmon

Neil Perry's teriyaki salmon.

I really like to serve teriyaki dishes at home - my kids love them with rice and kimchi; teriyaki's sweet saltiness seems to go well with the rice and kimchi's spicy, fermented pickle.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 21 10:47:46 EST 2015

Chargrilled chicken salad with ginger miso dressing

Salad of chargrilled chicken with ginger-miso dressing,

Combine a blast of searing heat and serious Japanese flavour to add an intense, lovely zing to fresh produce. Any chargrilled seafood would be great in this salad, as would pork loin.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 21 07:22:22 EST 2015

Vanilla and ginger cheesecake with roast pineapple

Warning: This is a seriously creamy cheesecake. If pineapple is not your thing, it's also great with cooked apple sauce - or - for a fresh approach as we get into spring and summer, try using diced...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 14 13:22:38 EST 2015

Barbecue skirt steal with hoisin and chilli

Skirt steak with hoisin and chilli.

Spring has sprung, so fire up the barbecue and put the heat on a piece of marinated steak. Allow some time for the marinade to work its magic and you'll be rewarded with this delicious and simple...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 14 07:40:57 EST 2015

Kingfish with hazelnuts, beans and brown butter

Kingfish with green beans, hazelnuts and brown butter.

This simple kingfish dinner is lovely with potato puree. For a lighter option than the butter sauce, use extra virgin olive oil instead, and serve with a potato salad dressed with oil and lemon juice.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 07 07:37:38 EST 2015

Spiced chicken and lentil salad

Spiced chicken and lentil salad.

This delicious salad doubles as a main meal and while it flies under the carbohydrate radar, it's certainly soaring in flavour.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Sep 07 07:36:44 EST 2015

Beetroot, orange and olive salad

Beetroot, orange and olive salad.

Packed with parsley and flavoursome beetroot, this dish is a great winter salad or light lunch option. If you like raw beetroot though, just cut the beets into fine julienne strips.

Cook | Neil Perry | Wed Sep 02 11:20:48 EST 2015

Lamb cutlets in masala with almond and pumpkin curry

Lamb cutlets with a pumpkin-almond curry

Use freshly ground spices if possible to make the most of the rich, aromatic marinade in this dish. Pre-ground spices rarely match the flavour of whole seeds.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Aug 31 14:58:53 EST 2015

Vanilla buttermilk panna cotta with poached quinces

This crowd-pleasing panna cotta is the perfect way to finish off a dinner party; simple but divine. Try serving it with poached pears, rhubarb or apples if you don't have access to quinces.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Aug 31 14:58:36 EST 2015

Pan-fried snapper marinated in harissa

Harissa is a Tunisian/Moroccan chilli paste that can be as simple as dried chillies, spices (including cumin or coriander seeds), garlic and olive oil.

Cook | Neil Perry | Thu Aug 27 09:15:32 EST 2015

Ragout of pork, sage and olives

There's much to savour in a stew rich in flavour.

Cook | Neil Perry | Sat Aug 22 00:00:00 EST 2015

Salad of farro with baby beetroots, gorgonzola and candied walnuts

Neil Perry's farro, beetroot, gorgonzola and candied walnut salad.

This salad plays crunchy sweetness against a creamy blue-cheese bite.

Cook | Neil Perry | Sat Aug 22 00:00:00 EST 2015

Goat's cheese and truffled celeriac lasagne

Truffled celeriac lasagne.

Dig the earthy flavour of a seasonal lasagne. This lasagne uses truffle oil but in autumn and winter you might be able to get your hands on some fresh Australian truffles to grate into the mixture.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Aug 17 15:08:45 EST 2015

Salad of duck with ruby grapefruit, hazelnuts and radicchio

Duck salad with ruby grapefruit and hazelnuts.

Get a taste of the promise of summer with a duck salad of textural genius. The salad is equally delicious with Chinese roast duck or, for that matter, a simple roast chicken that has been deboned and...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Aug 17 15:08:48 EST 2015

Spicy braised beef soup with hot bean paste

Spicy braised beef soup with hot bean paste.

Supercharged Asian condiments huang jing and gochujang, plus the added hit of Sichuan pepper, makes mealtime thrill-seeking a mission entirely possible.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Aug 11 08:39:18 EST 2015

Steamed and marinated blue-eye with bok choy

Spicy steamed and marinated blue-eye fillets.

Take your taste buds to new frontiers with this quick and easy fish dish - the most important thing is to get the freshest, best-quality fillets available.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Aug 11 08:39:35 EST 2015

Baked rhubarb and apple shortcake with double cream

This baked shortcake is a very simple, delicious dessert that's perfect with just about any fruit you like.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Aug 03 12:40:16 EST 2015

Proven├žal chicken with tomato and olive sauce

Provencal chicken with tomato and olive sauce.

Uncork the rose, hang up the Cezannes, put on the Piaf and declare that, for this evening, your Provencal bistro is open. I like this main dish served with either soft polenta or potato puree.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Aug 03 12:17:44 EST 2015

Fennel, orange and olive salad with oil-poached tuna

Fennel, orange and olive salad with tuna.

The flavours in this salad are so vibrant they'll disarm anyone! It works beautifully with just about any seafood; use tinned tuna if you want to make it really simple but be sure it is a brand that...

Cook | Neil Perry | Fri Jul 31 08:40:55 EST 2015

Spaghetti with prawns, basil and pistachios

Spaghetti with prawns, basil and pistachios.

Traditionally, Italians never serve seafood pastas with parmesan cheese, but I love the subtle saltiness it adds to this dish. If you prefer, use cubes of seared fresh tuna instead of prawns - magic.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Jul 27 12:35:52 EST 2015