Neil Perry

Neil Perry

Chef and Good Weekend columnist

Almond and quince tart with Spanish sherry

This tart has a sweet, dark, Spanish-flavoured heart. Opt for Pedro Ximenez sherry if you can; it's a sweet, dark, dessert-style sherry with a strong taste of raisins but another sherry, or port wine...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 13 10:28:28 EST 2015

Spanish chicken with garlic and fresh bay leaves

Spanish chicken garlic and bay leaves.

Ward off 'hangry' outbursts with this speedy, sumptous Spanish chicken dish. Alternatively, this simple braise works well with duck or diced lamb - just add olives at the end and serve with good...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 13 08:10:00 EST 2015

Baked eggs with spicy sausage and labna

Baked Eggs with spicy Sausage and Labneh.

The baked eggs "shakshuka" can be a one-pan dish if you have a large, ovenproof, cast-iron pan. Alternatively, make the sauce, put it in an ovenproof dish and bake the eggs in that.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 07 13:51:24 EST 2015

Egg, ham and gruyere buckwheat crepes

Egg Ham and Gruyere Crepes.

Bored with bacon and eggs? Probably not, but here's a new twist on an old favourite.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 07 13:34:57 EST 2015

Fig and lemon yoghurt cake

Fig and lemon yoghurt cake.

This yoghurt cake hides a layer of figs. As a bonus, it keeps very well; try it toasted as a delicious mid-morning snack.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 30 17:21:32 EST 2015

Turkish bread pockets

Turkish bread pocket.

These small pastries are filled with lamb or feta and served warm.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 30 10:17:21 EST 2015

Braised witlof and leek gratin with gruyere

Braised witlof and leek gratin with gruyere.

This salad is fabulous served with roast chicken. You can use it to create a really easy meal by buying a roast chicken, and then just adding fresh lemon to the salad: it makes a great starter or...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 23 10:52:50 EST 2015

Roast tarragon chicken with lemon, caper and olive salad

Roast tarragon chicken with lemon, caper and oliver salad.

With the gong for best-smelling kitchen nailed before this meal's even served, set the stopwatch for the fastest-eaten-lunch fixture ...

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 23 08:00:42 EST 2015

Coconut sago pudding with passionfruit mousse

This is a pretty sensational pudding that would make a great finish to a banquet-style meal. The pudding holds up well in the fridge if made the night before; just leave off the passionfruit garnish...

Cook | Neil Perry | Wed Mar 18 08:26:09 EST 2015

Mustard slaw

Mustard slaw.

This slaw is great as it is, but if you are the kind of person who likes a less creamy approach, dress it extra virgin olive oil and a good vinegar of your choice.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 16 13:47:10 EST 2015

Crumbed pork with lemon

Crumbed pork.

OK, I love crumbed food. So don't think of just crumbed lamb cutlets or a piece of nice crumbed fried fish, but dive into a nice big pork cutlet.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 16 13:31:52 EST 2015

Prawn and ginger congee

Try this take on a traditional Asian porridge. You can make the congee with water alone, but chicken stock gives it more flavour.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 16 13:03:27 EST 2015

Key lime pie


A classic American dessert that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Cook | Neil Perry | Fri Mar 13 00:00:00 EST 2015

Radicchio, rocket, walnut and apple salad

Radicchio, rocket, walnut and apple salad.

The salad is really nice dressed with mayonnaise instead of the vinegar and oil. Add diced celery and you have a Waldorf salad.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 09 13:54:05 EST 2015

Zucchini parmigiana

Zuchinni parmigiana.

Even the most carnivorous friend will be distracted by the delectable flavours in this mouthwatering, meat-free meal. Alternatively, this parmigiana is great with roast beef or chicken as a side dish.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 09 07:57:22 EST 2015

Salad of fresh figs with walnuts, goat’s curd and pomegranate vinaigrette

Salad of fresh figs with walnuts, goat's curd and pomegranate vinaigrette.

Figs are such a wonderful fruit; fantastic fresh with prosciutto or baked in a tart with frangipane cream and equally at home with grilled and roasted meat and poultry.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 02 14:27:55 EST 2015

Grilled autumn lamb with romesco

Grilled lamb with romesco sauce.

I love all those Spanish salsas that go so well with meat and seafood. Romesco - a red capsicum and nut-based sauce - is one of my my favourites.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 02 14:27:53 EST 2015

Jalapeno and aged-cheddar corn bread

Jalapeno and aged chedder-cornbread.

Cornbread - traditionally served with barbecued food like ribs and pulled pork - is best served warm.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 02 09:53:38 EST 2015

Southern-style smoky chicken wings with goat's curd dressing

Southern smoky chicken wings with goats curd dressing.

Slow down, cowboy - take time out to prepare a little southern comfort food. It's well worth the wrangle. You'll need to brine the wings for two hours before cooking on the barbecue.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Mar 02 09:53:21 EST 2015

Barbecued seafood with gochujang butter sauce

A few knockout condiments make it easy to give your next weekend barbie a serious kick. Gochujang will keep in the fridge and is great added to stir-fries.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Feb 24 15:55:01 EST 2015