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Hey Jude

Hey Jude cafe in Essendon. Dishes: Breakfast salad and the Wagyu burger. 25 February 2013.
The Age Epicure. Photo:EDDIE JIM.

If you're after classic cafe staples without too much spin, Hey Jude could be your new haunt.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Tue Mar 05 01:00:00 EST 2013

Tipping the Australian way

Tipping can be confusing for many Australian diners.

Tipping in Australia can be a confusing business.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Thu Feb 28 13:44:00 EST 2013

Kalimera Souvlaki Art

Kalimera Souvlaki Art's souvlaki pork gyros.

How far would you go for genuine souvlaki with house-made dip and char-grilled pita?

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Tue Feb 26 07:00:00 EST 2013

Chinese restaurants dominate Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list

Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa at MAD Symposium, Planting Thoughts, Copenhagen 2011.

China scoops S. Pellegrino's 50 Best Restaurants awards.

Food News | Nina Rousseau | Tue Feb 26 01:00:00 EST 2013

2 Brothers Brewery

The No. 1 salami pizza is spicy and scoff-able.

Only a handful of Melbourne places pour beer directly from the tank like this pizzeria.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Tue Feb 19 12:38:09 EST 2013

Dining on the day of love

Matteo's dessert for Valentine's Day.

Rings in desserts, fireworks displays and white dressage horses - restaurants see it all, especially on Valentine's Day, as Nina Rousseau discovers.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Wed Feb 13 17:38:39 EST 2013

Malouf's Zum Zum

Duck fatteh is cooked in Zum Zum's 10-year-old master stock.

Zum Zum is a bit like a cat that wandered off to live with different owners for a while but is now back.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Tue Feb 12 00:00:00 EST 2013

A snake-free menu for lunar new year

Red Emperor's dish of lobster with ginger and spring onion for Chinese New Year.

What should you eat for Chinese New Year to carry wealth and abundance into the next lunar cycle? Red Emperor's general manager explains why some ingredients are essential, writes Nina Rousseau.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Fri Feb 08 15:15:40 EST 2013

Secrets of a dumpling master


Dumplings are like kung-fu – there's no shortcuts to mastering the technique.

Eat Out,Food News | Nina Rousseau | Mon Feb 04 22:00:20 EST 2013

Food Republik

Gua Bao, a Taiwanese-style pork belly burger.

Food Republik is an enormously fun concept restaurant designed to replicate a typical Asian hawker market.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Mon Feb 04 00:00:00 EST 2013

Top Melbourne beer gardens

Wagyu burger from Boatbuilders Yard.

It’s beer garden weather; bring on the laughs and salt-and-vinegar chips.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Mon Jan 07 11:13:28 EST 2013

Celebs chew over their last suppers

Oysters from Bannisters restaurant.

The end is nigh, according to the Mayan calendar. What would your final meal be?

Cook,Food News | Nina Rousseau | Thu Dec 20 12:11:40 EST 2012

Crabapple Kitchen

Myrtleford buttermilk pancakes are thick, fluffy and insanely popular. If pancakes are your thing, you'll love these.

Crabapple Kitchen is a snippet of European countryside on flat-chat Glenferrie Road.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Tue Dec 18 00:00:00 EST 2012

Los Hermanos

Chicken sopes are a signature at Los Hermanos.

Los hermanos is a modern-day, month-old taqueria, part of the sexy new breed spilling from Melbourne's CBD to its suburbs.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Tue Dec 11 00:00:00 EST 2012

Take three: Frozen yoghurt

Igloo Zoo.

Frozen yoghurt is so hot right now. Keep cool with our picks.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Fri Dec 07 00:00:00 EST 2012

Renovating, need Christmas lunch

Matteo?s in Fitzroy North, gearing up for service.

The Dining Doctor on where to go for Christmas lunch in Melbourne.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Fri Dec 07 00:00:00 EST 2012

Non Solo Pasta

Tuck in to the Bunga Bunga pizza at Non Solo Pasta, Docklands.

Chin-chin to Non Solo Pasta, a sharp, clever pizzeria-cafe-restaurant that's adding real pizazz to the Docklands.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Tue Dec 04 00:00:00 EST 2012

Top 10 lunches for $10 and under

Pan-fried pork buns at Shanghai Street Dumpling.

Sick and tired of the same old lunch? Check out our list of Melbourne's best city lunches for $10 or less.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau and Simone Egger | Mon Dec 03 11:37:07 EST 2012

Eastern Dumpling House

Cheap and cheerful at Eastern Dumpling House, Carnegie.

Listen up, dumpling fanatics, this place is a ripsnorter.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Fri Nov 30 14:05:08 EST 2012

Rockwell and Sons

Fried chicken sandwich at Rockwell and Sons.

Rockwell and Sons is a fascinating package that juxtaposes fine-dining elements with some down-home USA food.

Eat Out | Nina Rousseau | Fri Nov 30 13:33:36 EST 2012