Susan Parsons

Susan Parsons


Susan Parsons is a Canberra-based writer. She writes the weekly Kitchen Garden column for Canberra's Food and Wine magazine.

Sarah Hinde's smashing pumpkins in Kambah taste great in homemade lasagne

Sarah Hinde's home-grown collection for vegetable lasagne.

The success of Sarah Hinde's butternut pumpkins from her Kambah home proves you do not need green fingers to be a kitchen gardener.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Apr 21 23:45:00 EST 2015

The Canberra gardeners growing gourds as musical instruments

Gourds can be made into a variety of musical instruments.

A Belconnen couple is making music from gourds.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Apr 14 23:45:00 EST 2015

Organic advocates plant roots in Canberra

Sue Pavasaris with her French maran chicken in her garden in Griffith.

Sue Pavasaris of Griffith has added kitchen-garden flair to the Canberra Organic Growers Society.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Wed Apr 01 13:55:34 EST 2015

Ainslie Organic Kids nurtures sustainable gardening spirit


This schools program which links gardening with the curriculum is planting positive seeds of hope for young students.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Mar 31 23:45:00 EST 2015

Ainslie Primary School organic garden celebrates five years

A band of volunteers have nurtured a kitchen garden ethos at Ainslie Primary School, which will celebrate five years of growth with an open day.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Mar 24 23:45:00 EST 2015

Mulye family's Opa's Brandywine tomatoes a source of inspiration

Seema Mulye's comments that the Brandywine is generous and forgiving of mistakes have motivated a number of people to seek out the variety next summer.

Seema Mulye's photos of her Opa's Brandywine variety harvest have gone viral on social media.

Cook | Susan Parsons | Thu Mar 05 09:43:29 EST 2015

Kitchen Garden - Susan Parson's tips for autumn

A family business is making magic with its mulch.

Drink | Susan Parsons | Tue Mar 03 23:45:00 EST 2015

Kitchen garden: Susan Parsons finds chokos can be grown in Canberra


With a little care, chokos can thrive in Canberra. And cooked with a little chilli, they taste great.

Cook | Susan Parsons | Wed Feb 25 15:44:09 EST 2015

Meet the Steensbys: Canberra's extreme organic pedallers


Cindy and Walter Steensby, of Scullin, have taken kitchen gardening and organic pursuits to new levels.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Feb 24 23:45:00 EST 2015

Christine Fernon's decade of care bears fruit in Ainslie garden

Christine Fernon with a watermelon from her garden in Ainslie.

Christine Fernon has spent a decade establishing her cottage garden in Ainslie and the results are magnificent, writes Susan Parsons.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Feb 17 23:45:00 EST 2015

Flower sprouts' blooming popularity might leave kale in the shade

There's a new vegie on the patch that is creating a storm in the UK and it's destined for Canberra.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Feb 10 23:45:00 EST 2015

International Year of Soils 2015: Michele Barson leads Canberra's charge

The efforts of Michele Barson and a devoted team who help run a community organic garden in Cook show they are soil care champions.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Feb 03 23:45:00 EST 2015

Susan Parsons: Greg Blood shares kitchen garden secrets

Avid Florey kitchen gardener Greg Blood shares his home-grown secrets and offers a wonderful fig preserve recipe.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Jan 27 23:45:00 EST 2015

The good life at Yarralumla community garden yields high spirits


Brett Yeats and Allan O'Neil keep the community spirit alive and well within a Yarralumla townhouse by sharing wonderful produce.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Jan 20 23:45:00 EST 2015

The great Sex without Strings beans experiment


A band of maverick kitchen gardeners reveal the bare facts of growing Sex without Strings in Canberra this summer.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Jan 13 23:45:00 EST 2015

Canberra artist Julie Ryder's productive kitchen garden


Susan Parsons reveals Canberra artist Julie Ryder's raspberries, new year spuds and giant Gallipoli tomatoes.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Dec 16 23:45:00 EST 2014

Christmas gifts for kitchen gardeners in Canberra

So what do you get an avid kitchen gardener for a Christmas gift? Susan Parsons has a few ideas.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Dec 09 23:45:00 EST 2014

Five Canberra gardening heroes

Susan Parsons asks specialists to nominate people who are doing their bit for sustainability and helping strengthen the kitchen garden community.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Dec 02 23:45:00 EST 2014

Oaks Estate family flourish as kitchen gardeners

Pondering: Several varieties of frogs live in Fiona MacGregor's pond  in Oaks Estate.

Building a new garden in an old district has been rewarding for Peter O'Dea and Fiona MacGregor, writes Susan Parsons.

Food News,Canberra Life | Susan Parsons | Tue Nov 25 23:45:00 EST 2014

Asparagus lettuce: Ling Chen's seven Chinese dishes

Sharing: Ling Chen harvesting asparagus lettuce in her kitchen garden.

Ling Chen shares seven Chinese dishes using asparagus lettuce grown from her delightful kitchen garden in O'Connor.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Nov 18 23:45:00 EST 2014